When working from home, using a consumer-level high speed internet service may not always be the best option. An account with a business cable broadband company is worth the extra cost, especially since it is tax deductible when used only for your business. The additional peace of mind and service quality offered by business broadband might save you from a period of unfortunate downtime that could lead to lost revenue and credibility for your company.


The Main Advantage of a Business Broadband Service

Better priority for service might be the most important attribute of business cable when compared to traditional home broadband. If your cable modem needs to be replaced, it might take two to three days to get service under a home cable support agreement. That downtime could be catastrophic to many home businesses.

Many excellent business broadband services include a minimum downtime period in their support agreement, which provides a potential lifesaver to the home-based business that spends extra on broadband. This is especially important if a company phone and all home business telecommunications are included in a bundled package.

Other Services Bundled with Business Cable

A wide variety of high-speed internet plans that go beyond those provided with a standard home cable service are generally available when a decision is made to upgrade to a business class service. These include the super fast speeds of Wideband internet as well as an array of cloud computing services that include access to applications like Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. For a home-based business with multiple employees in different locations, these cloud-based applications might be a useful option.

Additionally, some plans include data backup services which could be another lifesaver should one of your computers or hard drives suffer a failure. Any home-based business using a standard cable internet service needs to consider upgrading to business class. The service and support options are worth the extra cost by themselves, but the additional product features also offer a good return on investment.