The Cable Speed Test – Enough Bandwidth for Business Internet, TV & Voice?

Cable Speed – test a first-rate bandwidth solution today.

Business Class Cable Internet speed is super-fast and loaded with features to enhance your productivity. It’s affordable, available everywhere and essential for optimal Internet, TV and Voice service. Business Cable Speed is ideal for most industries, but can a business get reliable security support with Business Cable? What about a static IP address or hosting options? The answer is yes.


The Upside of Business Class Cable Internet Speed:

  • Get Internet access that’s super-fast so downloads take seconds, not minutes.
  • Transfer files quickly and securely from your home office or between employees, vendors and clients. Get automatic file backups and secure off-site storage that’s perfect for small and large businesses.
  • Get your own domain name and with your online presence—then compete with the largest business. Plus, get your own domain added to your email communications and get multiple mailboxes and webmail.
  • Each Telephone line can be modified to meet your detailed business and call restriction necessities, and you can keep your existing business phone numbers and equipment.
  • Get hosting based on your site size and traffic and select plans scaled to your needs. Plus, get a permanent Static IP address, more bandwidth and more email access control.

The Downside of Business Cable Speed:

  • A majority of Business Cable Internet plans have users share bandwidth at peak hours; this can be frustrating for busier industries.
  • Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit the amount of data that can be downloaded every month—and charge extra!
  • Customer Service is not the highlight of cable Internet plans. Be prepared to wait and wait long.

Who is using Business Cable TV?

A Business Cable Bundle allows you to choose the services you want without spending more than your budget. With a bundled service you get all the tools to run your business, i.e., Internet, web hosting and storage. Plus, get cable TV solutions for a variety of industries:

  • hospitals and waiting rooms
  • sports bars
  • restaurants and hospitality
  • fitness centers

Also, get a digital voice service developed for businesses with an array of features tailored to meet the needs of your company, such as toll-free service plans and complex voicemail systems. Business Cable also includes the flexibility of choosing services individually—i.e. phone and Internet—instead of bundling all three.