If you run your business from home, you need to decide whether or not to upgrade your Internet access from a home account to one from a variety of business Internet providers. While you will probably pay more per month using a business provider, the extra features might mean being up and running within 24 hours of an outage versus a few days of unneeded downtime with a home provider. Can your business presence afford to take that hit?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a business Internet provider account, compared to a home service.


Better Support

Better technical support and faster service repairs might be the biggest advantage of a business Internet account. You simply cannot risk being offline for a few days, which is the typical service window for home Internet service. If the provider-owned cable modem goes bad, it might take up to a week to get a new one on a home account.

Some business Internet options include dedicated access, so you won’t be sharing “the line” with a host of other users streaming movies. Additionally, these higher-end plans usually come with service agreements and guarantees that give you piece of mind concerning downtime.

Wideband Internet Access

Another major advantage of business Internet providers is the availability of wideband Internet access. This usually includes speeds of up to 50 Mbps and beyond. So unless you’re in Kansas City and able to subscribe to Google Fiber, a business Internet account is probably the best way to go fast on the Net (remember to routinely check your bandwidth with a speed test provided by BandwidthPlace.com).

Many business Internet accounts also include a static IP address, which is useful if you decide to host your own website, although some business providers also offer web hosting. Business providers generally include a higher level of anti-spyware and spam functionality than that provided by a home service.

Cloud-Based Service Options

Business Internet providers also offer cloud-based service options, including secure online backups for a nominal monthly fee. For a higher price, you can get access to Microsoft Exchange, which provides company-wide email, calendars, and task management. Such access makes sense for larger businesses or if you employ a few other home-based workers.

The main reason for choosing a business Internet account over a home account is simply better support and service, considering the risk of downtime. The other features of wideband access and cloud-based services also make sense if your business is small but growing.