More and more parents are handing their kids tablets and other Internet-connected devices. However, the World Wide Web can set your child up for a worldwide host of security risks. How do you keep your child safe as she downloads apps, plays online games, and browses the Internet? Here are some child’s tablet safety and security options that can keep your child safe:


Restrict Internet Access

First, set up your tablet to restrict your child’s access to the Internet. For example, you can block the use of the Internet browser, restrict access to YouTube, and disable app downloads on the device. Luckily, tablet manufacturers have made setting up the restrictions pretty easy. The parental controls can be accessed right on the device with a password. While each device is different, most parental control settings can be accessed through the “Settings” tab. You can click on different options to restrict access to different areas such as Internet access, downloading apps, YouTube, iTunes (or other music players), in-app purchases, camera, and more.

Install Security Apps

While the parental controls can help you completely restrict access to certain functions, they can’t help you filter inappropriate content. If you want to give your child more freedom while still ensuring she can’t access unsuitable content, you’ll need some additional help. Fortunately, there are hundreds of security apps that can help you out. While there are many options, it’s important to keep in mind that some software is better than others. Make sure to read the reviews of each application before making a purchase. For example, the Mobicip Safe Browser offers products for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux, and reviewers rate it highly.

Play With Your Child

Unfortunately, no security app is perfect. The best way to ensure your child’s tablet safety is to take an active role in her tablet activities and teach her how to use the device properly. Just as with any safety issue, it’s wise to talk with your child about your safety concerns. Play on the tablet with your child, show her how to stay safe, and set up some basic rules for usage.

With the appropriate security restrictions in place, your child will still be able to enjoy her tablet, play games, use other apps, and browse permitted websites — all while staying protected and free from inappropriate content and security risks.