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A Guide to the Best Internet Providers in Chicago

Are you moving to the Windy City for a new job? Maybe you’re in need of a faster Internet service to stream the Bears game? Our Internet specialists can help you choose the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the Chicago area.

Find a customized AT&T and DIRECTV plan that includes fast download and upload speeds, reliable phone service, and a wide variety of television channels — all with the help of our experts. AT&T/DIRECTV was awarded the highest satisfaction ranking in 2017 by J.D. Power for U.S. residential television service providers, so you’ll receive excellent performance and customer service. We outline a variety of packages below — including AT&T Fiber℠ options — to help you choose which one is best for you.

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What Types of Internet Connections are Available Through AT&T?

There are several types of Internet connections: fiber, DSL, cable, and wireless. AT&T Chicago currently offers fiber and DSL connections with speeds up to 75 Mbps. Their AT&T Fiber℠ service goes up to 1000 Mbps to stream, upload, and download in the blink of an eye.

To choose the best option for you, take into account these two factors: budget and speed.

Fiber-optic Internet connections will cost a bit more each month, but it is the fastest Internet connection currently available. AT&T Fiber℠ uses light to transfer information through fiber-optic cables.

At the more affordable end is DSL Internet, which uses your telephone line. A DSL connection is slower than fiber, though this is the most commonly used connection. DSL is a good option if fiber is not available in your area and if you’re closely watching your budget for Internet services. Despite its use of your phone line, you can make calls and surf the Internet simultaneously.

Is Your Area Covered?

Chicagoans can now get an AT&T 100 percent fiber connection and other AT&T services. Coverage is included in the following counties near in Chicago.

Counties with AT&T Services

  • Cook: Chicago, Des Plaines, Elgin, Michigan City, Norridge, Skokie, and Oak Park
  • DuPage: Aurora
  • Grundy: Channahon
  • Kane: Aurora, Elgin, Hampshire, Pingree Grove, and South Elgin
  • Kendall: Oswego, Plano, and Yorkville
  • Lake: Mundelein, Volo
  • McHenry: Crystal Lake, Huntley, and McHenry
  • Will: Aurora, Bolingbrook, Channahon, Joliet, and Manhattan

In 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 82 percent of households in Illinois had a broadband Internet subscription. AT&T is the DSL Internet leader among Chicago ISPs, covering about 97 percent of the city. Whether you live in a zip code north of Lakeview or south of Hyde Park, you can purchase a monthly DSL Internet package with ease.

To find out if your zip code is covered, call (619) 924-9995 to speak to a network specialist.

We’ll connect you to the best Chicago Internet provider and the right plan for you. Ask us how you can get free Internet for life with our limited-time offer.*

AT&T Internet Service Packages for the Bandwidth You Need

There is a wide range of residential Internet options for different types of users. Three common types of users are serious gamers, at-home freelancers, and casual browsers. The amount of bandwidth you need depends on what activities you perform. When customers visit websites, they download information (i.e. video streaming, music) more often than they upload their own information (i.e. photos or Skype calls). Therefore, requirements for download and upload speeds vary.

These are the AT&T Internet service packages you can get in Chicago based on speed.

AT&T Internet 100

Speed: 100 Mbps download/ 100 Mbps upload
Price: $50/month as a standalone service; $40/month bundled with TV, home phone, or wireless
Number of devices: Up to 10 devices1
  • WiFi Gateway for your devices
  • Waived professional installation fee ($99)
Best for:
  • HD video streaming, especially local sports games
  • Online gaming
  • Heavy social media posting
  • Sharing large files for class or work

Do you constantly upload photos of pizza or trendy donuts? Do you need to share Internet bandwidth among several people without compromising your speed? This fiber Internet plan lets you upload files just as fast as they are downloaded, so you have fewer limitations and more time to connect.

AT&T Internet 300

Speed: Up to 300 Mbps
Price: $70/month as a standalone service; $60 per month bundled with TV, home phone, or wireless
Number of devices: Up to 11 connected at one time1
  • WiFi Gateway for your devices
  • Waived professional installation fee
Best for:
  • Multiple devices in one home
  • Streaming in HD
  • Gaming
  • Sharing large files

Do you work at home and download large files? Are multiple family members or housemates online at the same time and using several devices? AT&T Internet 300 offers fiber-optic speeds, so you carry on with all your activities without being slowed down.

AT&T Internet 1000

Speed: 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) download (speeds may vary)
Price: $90/month as a standalone service; $80/month as a bundle with TV, home phone or wireless
Number of devices: Up to 12 devices1
  • WiFi Gateway for your devices
  • Waived professional installation fee
  • No data usage caps
Best for:
  • Freelance or telecommute work
  • Small businesses networks
  • Sharing large files
  • Competitive, online multiplayer video games
  • Download an HD movie in seconds

Powered entirely by fiber optics, this is the fastest Internet service available in Chi-town. Your business associates can comfortably collaborate on business projects, or send finished files to clients from home. Serious gamers who need a fast and reliable setup can also connect quickly with fellow gamers around the world.

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What Do Chicagoans Think About AT&T High-Speed Internet Service?

As one of the best Internet providers in Chicago, AT&T has a long history with the city. Some regional competitors may lack connection services or run at slower speeds than AT&T. The American Customer Satisfaction Index found that AT&T ranked second overall in customer satisfaction among national ISPs. Many choose AT&T for its prices and reliability in the city.

Chicago is one of few cities where fiber service is available, boosting its customer reputation among high-speed Internet providers. As Google and Verizon’s fiber services face major setbacks, AT&T Fiber℠ continues to expand in Chicago and other cities.

Bundle Your Internet Service with DIRECTV

Don’t stop at fast and convenient Internet service. Watch or stream your favorite shows and sports with DIRECTV television or DIRECTV NOW online streaming. You can save money each month by adding DIRECTV satellite television to your AT&T Internet plan.

In 2018, Customers rank AT&T DIRECTV above Chicago subscription competitor Comcast Xfinity by seven points. Customers also rank DIRECTV above Comcast video streaming services by three points.


DIRECTV NOW offers live television streaming straight to your computer, Apple TV, or tablet through an app. Your service begins immediately (no installation required), and there is no satellite dish or cables.

Since DIRECTV NOW uses data to stream television shows, this service is bundled with any AT&T Unlimited plan. You should pair this service with a high-speed Internet plan to ensure high-quality streaming.

Is DIRECTV Available in Your Area?

DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW are available throughout Chicago and the Chicagoland area. As long as you live in a building with access to the southern sky, you can install a DIRECTV satellite dish. If necessary, you should check with your landlord or homeowners association to see if installation is allowed for your building.

DIRECTV Service Packages

DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW do not offer the exact same features. Let’s break down what you get with each option.


  • 150+ introductory channels starting at $40
  • Several service plans can bring you over 315 total channels
  • Premium channels available at an additional cost
  • HD DVR box required for recording programs


  • 60+ introductory channels starting at $40
  • 5 streaming plan options at 120+ total channels, including a Spanish language plan
  • Premium channels available at an extra cost
  • No hardware requirements
  • Cloud DVR beta for limited recording

DIRECTV NOW and the New Generation of Cable Customers: Which DIRECTV Plan Should You Purchase?

In order to cut costs and eliminate cable bills, many customers choose to watch television online rather than on cable. Only 79 percent of homes with Internet connection had cable or satellite television subscriptions in 2017, according to a survey by the Leichtman Research Group.

AT&T/DIRECTV offers plans for customers on both sides of the aisle — or couch. Millennials and techies will get more use from the online streaming service, whereas traditional TV customers will benefit from the original DIRECTV satellite subscription. If you watch a large amount of local television and sports, then the latter is especially true.

Moving to Chicago? Consider These Tips

Just because you’re having trouble navigating the 156 LaSalle bus doesn’t mean that navigating your Internet and utilities should be as difficult. Learn exactly how AT&T Internet service in Chicago fits into your monthly budget:

Internet Costs in Chicago
Average monthly cost of Internet: $40.14
Cost of AT&T DSL Internet: $40–50
Average cost of basic utilities in Chicago (without Internet): $121.16/month
Internet Cost Comparison by City
Average monthly cost of Internet in… Los Angeles: $43.12
San Antonio: $53.22
New York: $59.31
Philadelphia: $61.85

What to Look For When Choosing a Chicago ISP

Not all neighborhoods and buildings are equal when it comes to Internet connectivity and service providers. When choosing a high-speed Internet service provider, there are several factors to think about.

  • Do they offer options for fiber Internet? If you’re looking for a plan that uses the fastest speeds available, consider if Fiber is available in your area.
  • How far are you from the provider’s central office? When using a DSL connection, your speed will decrease the farther you are from this central office.
  • How many people will need connections? Decide the speed and number of devices using your high-speed Internet based on the number of people in your home.
  • Pairing Internet service with DIRECTV? Make sure that your building is tall enough to avoid obstacles that can block the satellite dishes and subsequent signals.

Choose Your AT&T Internet and DIRECTV Service Plan Today

Ditch your slow service and poor reliability by switching to AT&T/DIRECTV as your Chicago Internet and TV service provider. Identify your current Internet speed using the Bandwidth Place speed test and compare your options with an experienced specialist over the phone by calling (619) 924-9995. You’ll be set up with the best Internet provider in Chicago — and on your way to browsing the web, streaming video, or conducting business online with a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Ask our experts how you can get free AT&T Internet for life.*

Plans offered by AT&T Internet vary by geographic region. Be be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with AT&T representatives before ordering service, as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Updated on 8/28/2018.

*Up to Internet 100 when you switch to AT&T Unlimited &More Premium.

1Number of devices depends on screen size/resolution

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