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Find the Best Internet Providers in Jacksonville, FL

Are you considering a move to Florida? In need of Internet service in Jacksonville? The last thing you want is to move into your new apartment or house and deal with a lousy connection or, worse, pay for services you don’t actually need.

Choosing an Internet service provider (ISP) can be challenging, because not all providers are the same and not all services are the same. Figuring out exactly what you need is the key to choosing a provider. If you start with a speed test, you can measure your current bandwidth and what speeds you need — Internet service plans, after all, are based on the type of Internet (Fiber, DSL, cable, dial-up, etc.) and how much bandwidth you want.

When you call (619) 924-9995, our network specialists will help you figure out the Internet speed you need in order to maintain a fast connection, who the best Internet providers in Jacksonville are, what the best deals consist of, and why AT&T plans are worth considering. Read on to compare and choose the best Internet service plan for your household.

How to Choose the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area

There are 13 ISPs in Jacksonville, FL. How do you know which one is the best? It depends on your needs.

If you need a high bandwidth, or if you are looking for more than just Internet services, then you will find one ISP is better than another. Here’s what you should consider, as you look into the best internet service options:

  • How much speed you really need—You don’t want to pay for higher speeds if you don’t need them. Measuring your Internet speed is the best first step in figuring out what type of plan you need.
  • What devices or activities you require—If you only have a few devices and spend the majority of your time surfing, emailing, and watching the occasional movie, you may not need the fast speeds that come with a fiber network. However, if you are a frequent gamer and download a lot of music, HD channels, or have various connected smart devices like Google Home, Alexa, etc., a higher bandwidth is essential to maintain fast speeds.
  • The deals available—Finding a plan can be overwhelming, but if you pick the right ISP, you will get sign-up perks. Benefits of choosing a provider like AT&T include the ability to bundle services and save on your monthly plan (which we’ll explain further below). You can also sign up online and enjoy installation services at no extra cost.
  • Wide-ranging availability—Not all providers are available in all areas and not all plans are available to all residents. Where you live greatly impacts what services are available to you so before you move, consider what ISPs are offered in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas like Jacksonville Beach, Avondale, Callahan, and San Marco.

AT&T is one of the top Internet providers in Jacksonville. They offer a variety of services (home phone, TV, wireless) including Internet services. AT&T is a company that uses a hybrid fiber-optic technology and DSL to deliver fast speeds. Depending on where in the city you live, you can get access to AT&T’s 100 percent fiber-optic technology network and enjoy speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

AT&T Availability in Jacksonville

Unfortunately, fiber-optic technology is still limited and few people get to enjoy it. However, Jacksonville has joined the limited cities in the country who now have access to AT&T Fiber℠.

Depending on what neighborhood you live in, you may have access to AT&T Fiber℠ and not even know it. You can enjoy AT&T Fiber℠ with no Internet usage caps and stream up to 12 devices at the same time without negatively affecting the fast speeds.1

AT&T Fiber℠ offers uber-fast speeds and wall-to-wall WiFi. Expanding to more and more cities each year, it’s safe to say that fiber-optic technology is changing everything from Internet speeds to the way we do business. AT&T Fiber℠ plans are available in 100, 300, or 1,000 (1 Gbps!) Mbps.

Check out the available AT&T Internet options based on these Jacksonville zip codes:

Jacksonville Zip Codes and AT&T Plans

  • 32250 (Jacksonville Beach)—Multiple DIRECTV Jacksonville plans are available.
  • 32266 (Neptune Beach)—Multiple DIRECTV plans are available. Internet Basic 5 and Internet 50 are available.
  • 32208 (Osceola Forest)—Multiple DIRECTV plans are available.
  • 32205 (Avondale)—Multiple DIRECTV plans are available. Internet Basic 5 and multiple fiber plans are available.
  • 32257 (Arrowhead)—Multiple DIRECTV plans are available. Internet Basic 5 and Internet 25 are available.
  • 32218 (Oceanway)—Multiple DIRECTV plans are available. Internet Basic 1.5 is available.
  • 32223 (Julington Creek)—Multiple DIRECTV plans are available. Internet Basic 5 and multiple fiber plans are available.

If your neighborhood isn’t listed or if you want to double-check to make sure these plans are available to you and part of the AT&T service area map, call one of our Internet experts at (619) 924-9995 to check AT&T availability. Keep in mind, these services are subject to change. Some buildings have different services that are subject to their respective owners.

AT&T Offers: Combine Services and Save

AT&T offers ultra-fast speeds with 99 percent reliability,* and if you get access to fiber, you can enjoy the fastest Internet speeds available. Best of all, AT&T offers additional services including DIRECTV, as well as digital home phone services. If you bundle two or more services, you can save on time, money, and the installation process.

Below are some of AT&T’s packages. Plans start at $50 a month for standalone Internet service or $40 a month when you bundle AT&T Internet with other qualifying AT&T services, like home phone, wireless phone, or TV. Some details may depend on the availability in your area.

Internet + DIRECTV Bundle

  • Unlimited data allowance.
  • Over 155 of your favorite channels.
  • HD DVR so you can pre-record your shows.
  • Wifi Gateway to connect your additional devices.
  • Anti-virus protection.
  • $5 off for the first 5 months.

Internet + DIRECTV + Home Phone Bundle

  • Unlimited data allowance.
  • Over 155 of your favorite channels.
  • HD DVR so you can pre-record your shows.
  • Wifi Gateway to connect your additional devices.
  • Phone with over 25 calling features.
  • Anti-virus protection.
  • $5 off for the first 5 months.

Internet Connection Types: Pros and Cons

All Internet networks are the same, right? Wrong. When it comes to the Internet, you may be connecting through dial-up, cable, wireless, satellite, etc. There are different Internet connection types, and each one comes with its pros and cons. Understanding which you prefer depends on your household needs. We breakdown a few types and what you should expect from them:

Fiber-optic Internet

Fiber-optic technology seems to be the future of Internet. The fiber-optic cables transmit data through light. With fiber technology, you can use phone, Internet, and video. Many Internet service providers like AT&T have created fiber networks and are adding them to new cities every year.

Pros: Cons:
With fiber, you can enjoy the fastest Internet speeds available. This type of internet is very limited. Although more and more cities are adding this option, it is not easily accessible. It is also more expensive than the other options. You should check ISPs to see if this option is available in your area.

Cable Internet

Cable Internet is made possible by using the same coaxial cables that are used for cable TV.

Pros: Cons:
The speeds often range from 10–100 Mbps, so you can download, stream, and play video games. The service can be bundled with other cable TV or phone services to save you money. If you are using the Internet during peak usage hours, then you could experience a much slower connection. Essentially, if you use cable Internet, you are sharing it with all of the ISP’s customers in your neighborhood. It is also generally less available than other internet types.

Satellite Internet

Satellite has a far-reaching signal. So long as the equipment is installed correctly, high speeds are available through the satellite dishes.

Pros: Cons:
If you live remotely or if a broadband connection is unreliable, this is a great alternative. If you’re a serious gamer, you might encounter latency problems or delays in your connection. Speeds are often slower than cable and DSL, but improvements are being made by ISPs to increase them.

DSL Internet

DSL is considered a high-speed Internet connection. It is connected through telephone network wires. It works best the closer you are to the ISP. Unlike cable, you can get higher speeds — and a greater bandwidth — if you pay more. Compared to dial-up, DSL is much more reliable.

Pros: Cons:
DSL is often cheaper than cable. Even though it is hooked up with telephone lines, users can talk on the phone and use the Internet simultaneously. The bandwidth can vary, and it is not available everywhere.


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Moving to Jacksonville, FL? Consider the Living Costs

Considering a move to the River City? Then finding the best Internet provider in Jacksonville isn’t the only thing on your mind. You might be surprised to learn that Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the continental U.S. At over 840 square miles, you will find that the city is home to a thriving food scene, and offers world-class museums and the oldest European settlement in the country dating all the way back to 1565.

From the Oyster Jam Music Festival to the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, the city has a lot to offer. If you’re a millennial, you’ll be happy to know there is actually a higher percentage of residents between the ages of 25–34 than any other age demographic.

But how much does it cost to live there? Compared to Miami and Orlando, Jacksonville is reasonably priced. Here are some of the average living costs and other facts to consider:

If you want to enjoy the daily sunshine, the short commute, and the surrounding oceanfront views, then Jacksonville might just be the city for you.

Find the Best AT&T Plans in Jacksonville

We want you to find the best plan for your household, and we make it easy to figure out what you need. If AT&T doesn’t offer plans in your neighborhood, then our Internet specialists can help you to find what is available.

With more than 15 years of experience, we find the right plans for our customers and make it easy to sign up, get started, and secure an Internet service plan. We ensure that you find the ISP and plan most suited for your household needs.

Eager to learn more about the best Internet providers in Jacksonville? Call us at (619) 924-9995 to speak with a representative and get set up with a plan in your area.

*Claim based on AT&T Internet service.

**In order for customers to qualify for the $5 for 12-month AutoPay credit, they must enroll in both Auto Bill Pay (ABP) and Paperless billing with a valid e-mail address. within 30 days of TV activation to receive their bill credit within 1-3 bill cycles.

Plans offered by AT&T Internet vary by geographic region. Be be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with AT&T representatives before ordering service, as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Updated on 8/27/2018.

1Speed/Time examples are estimated and based on wired connection to gateway.

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