Think America has the fastest Internet bandwidth in the world? Not even close. According to new research from Statista, South Korea is now number one in the world for Internet speeds. The United States just barely cracked the top ten. The simple truth is that the United States does not enjoy bandwidth that is nearly as fast as other countries. So which countries have the fastest bandwidth?


South Korea

Tech-savvy South Korea has the fastest Internet speeds in the world by a mile. The country boasts both the highest average bandwidth connection speed delivered to Internet users (17.5 Mbps) and the highest average peak connection speed (47.9 Mbps). It still remains one of the forerunners in bandwidth innovation and has several plans to increase bandwidth connection speeds in the country in the upcoming years.


According to the Statista research, Japan came in lagging behind South Korea in terms of fastest Internet speeds. However, the country’s bandwidth has been growing rapidly in the past few years and shows no signs of deceleration due to the high-speed fiber optics running through the tiny island nation.

Hong Kong

Though the country is one of the most hyper-dense regions in the world, Hong Kong boats some of the fastest Internet speeds. Furthermore, it’s on the rise. In fact, according to Bloomberg, Hong Kong’s average Internet speed increased 29 percent in the past year and will only get speedier from there.


When you think of speedy Internet, you might not think of Switzerland. However, the country acts as a hub for the finance industry and needs fast connections. The country ranked seventh in the world as far as Internet speeds, according to Bloomberg. However, the country has really excelled in terms of increasing bandwidth, with a whopping 41 percent increase in the past year alone.

The United States?

The US may currently lag behind other tech-savvy countries in fast bandwidth, but that doesn’t mean it’s standing idle. In early 2013, Seattle developed a first-of-its-kind broadband initiative to boost its Internet bandwidth. According to CivSource, the city installed underground dark fiber to deliver gigabyte broadband services throughout the city.

The United States has a long way to go to catch up to lightning-fast countries like South Korea and Japan, but with a few innovative ideas, it can deliver speedy Internet to its millions of eager users.

Image courtesy of Flickr