Computer_keyboard_in_use_for_a_Windows_7_Desktop_ComputerThe era of the desktop isn’t dead. For businesses, using desktops intelligently means sharing information easily among employees with minimal technological fuss. Enter the desktop sharing app, a simple way for users to work on the same screen at the same time without having to call in IT for a major overhaul. There are several sharing apps on the market — here are four with superior utility:


Originally designed as a tech support program, this free application lets your share desktop screens with one person per session; no group collaboration is included. To start using the service, both users need to download and install a small application package. CrossLoop then sends an access code which the primary user enters and emails to the second participant. Sharing control of desktop environments is easy, and the service gives you unlimited time per session, along with file transfers and remote reboot options.


This subscription service is browser-based, meaning there’s no need to download or install any software. When a sharing session is created, organizers receive a nine-digit code they give to participants, who simply visit the BeamYourScreen homepage using the browser of their choice and click “Join Session.” Up to 25 users can connect simultaneously. The service not only lets you grant control rights, but also record a sharing session for further review.


A free app created by Microsoft, SharedView only works on Windows systems. Each user needs to download the application and then log in using their Windows Live ID. Up to 15 participants can be active in any session. While this service is limited by operating system and requires a download, it does let administrators set up a meeting in advance and then automatically send out emails to employees with the date, time, and access details of the desktop sharing session.


Glance isn’t cheap — $50 per month or $500 yearly — but comes with a host of features. Up to 100 users can connect at the same time, admins can pick their own URL to use for the session, and it can be fully customized to look like a company’s website. With simple mouse and keyboard sharing along with screen sharing and excellent performance even when streaming videos, the price of admission may be worth it if your company is large enough or if you have a substantial number of at-home employees.

Desktop sharing lets you collaborate without confusion and makes sure all users are on the same page of a project before critical decisions are made. Finding the right sharing app for your needs makes all the difference.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons