The team behind the most expensive dud in video game history somehow determined that the sequel warranted further expansions – hence the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC. Well, this Destiny is destined for the disappointment bin, just like the Destiny 2 base game.


Osiris glares at you. Game image copyright Bungie.

The entire playthrough took a grand total of two hours. The climactic end boss was unforgivably easy. You get nine missions with two Strikes – Tree of Probabilities and A Garden World – both of which are decidedly uninspiring. Although the overall game is sparse and the developers should have plenty of ideas for new missions, they continue to rehash ideas from the Destiny base game.

Curse of Osiris and its Internet Performance

We were playing on the PS4, so we got one extra multiplayer map over other releases for a total of three new maps. This is where we had to make sure that the Internet connection was running smoothly. Despite its shortcomings, the one good thing about Destiny 2 remains its graphical prowess. All those new details in the rocks and crags (which add nothing to gameplay, unfortunately) can cause lag and teleportation if you are not careful. We went to to test the connection.

The final stats were more than acceptable, actually. The speed test results were as follows:

Ping – 201 ms
DL Speed – 1.31 Mbps
UL Speed – 0.38 Mbps

This means that none of the faults in the game can be blamed on a faulty connection!

Basically, if you have a Fireteam with any sort of experience at all, you will blaze through the missions and the bosses like candy. The AI even uses the same patterns from previous missions. As stated before, they look much better when they do it because of the graphical upgrades, but this is really a disappointment overall.

Time travel is an element of gameplay that needed to be used much more eloquently. In Curse of Osiris, you travel through The Infinite Forest, a place that takes you to past and future iterations of Mercury. However, it is only available after you finish the campaign. Why? Weaving the campaign through multiple timelines would have certainly taken the story to another level.

A Less than Inspiring Video Game Story

The story itself is uninspiring. Without spoiling the entire experience, let’s just say that there is a huge Wizard of Oz trope here that does not give the same payoff as the source material. There is very little buildup or tension to release, creating no sense of accomplishment when you finally find out who Osiris is and your final purpose in these new missions.

The saving grace here may be the new weaponry you wield once you finish the core Adventures and start working on the Los Prophecies. As you finish each Prophecy, you earn a new weapon directly from Osiris. Once you get these weapons, you actually have a shot at some real fun in the Raid Lair, the one beacon of hope for this new expansion. The puzzles here seem to be more inspired, and the boss is actually a challenge – even with the new weapons.

Overall, the Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2 is a letdown, but we are used to letdowns from the Destiny series. If you are a hardcore fan of the series, by all means go for it. If not, there is no reason to get involved now. You would do better (and spend less money) with just about any of the other AAA FPS titles on the market right now.