The recent launches of new streaming services from Disney and Apple raises the stakes in the streaming wars. Both offer original shows and content, with The Mouse also including decades of classic movies and programming. So when considering Disney Plus vs Apple TV Plus, which one makes sense for your household?


The Apple TV Plus Logo, copyright Apple.

We’ll take a look at pricing, content offerings, supported streaming devices, and Internet speed considerations. While some end up subscribing to both, we’ll also help you choose just one. After all, your budget matters the most!

Disney Plus vs Apple TV Plus – What About the Monthly Fee?

When it comes to your monthly subscription cost, Disney+ and Apple TV+ seem close at first glance. Disney’s service runs $6.99 per month, while Apple’s costs $4.99. A two dollar difference between the two isn’t all that much. However, other pricing options are available if you do some research. 

The Disney Plus bundle we profiled last week also offers basic Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99. So users who already subscribe to those other two services essentially add Disney+ for only $2. As we noted last week, just make sure the same email address is used for all three services. It makes billing an easier process.

Disney Plus Logo

The Disney Plus Logo. Image copyright Disney.

Fans of Apple’s product line enjoy another cost saving option for Apple TV+. Purchasers of a new Apple device – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, or a Mac – get a free one year subscription to TV Plus. In fact, this might be the biggest source of subscribers to Apple’s new service.

Disney Plus vs Apple TV Plus – Which Has the Better Content?

Answering this question is simple. At launch, Apple TV Plus only features a few original shows. It’s not surprising that what’s essentially a tech hardware company doesn’t have a legacy of entertainment material. Reviews of their shows, most notably The Morning Show, have been lukewarm to good.

In the end, there simply isn’t that much material to warrant paying for a subscription. Maybe that changes in the future, but for now there are slim pickings. Apple TV Plus needs to up its content game.

On the other hand, Disney Plus boasts decades of classic movies as well as new original shows. The Mouse benefits from owning the rights to Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and more. The Mandalorian continues to garner praise and social media buzz. Ultimately, Disney’s subscribers benefit.

Disney Plus vs Apple TV Plus – What About Supported Devices?

Both services support most popular streaming devices and newer smart TVs. This includes Roku, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, and a desktop web browser. Of course, both also work on the Apple TV. However, if you own an older Roku model, you might need to upgrade.

Make sure you research whether your specific device is supported before subscribing. Thankfully, both services offer a 7-day free trial.

Note that Apple TV+ allows for six simultaneous streams, while Disney+ provides 4. Both services also support 4K HDR streaming, which affects the required Internet speed as noted below.

Disney Plus vs. Apple TV Plus – How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?

You need at least 5 Mbps of Internet speed to stream HD video content. This number increases as more devices are accessing your home network. When streaming 4K video, at least 25 Mbps is the requirement for one device.

If you need to boost your network performance at home, check out our article on the topic. Of course, perform regular speed tests to ensure you get the bandwidth you deserve.

In the end, if you feel one of the shows on Apple TV Plus is a must see, pay for a subscription and binge watch. Other than that, until Apple improves their content offerings, it’s hard to choose them over Disney Plus. Of course, when you buy your next iPhone or iPad, take advantage of that free year of service.