Do I Need a Bonded T1 Internet Connection?

Broadband internet comes in several tiers nowadays, from dial-up all the way up to a bonded T1 line. The differences between these services can be profound, especially if your company uses bandwidth-intensive practices such as file sharing, video conferencing, or advanced multimedia.

Simply put, the amount of bandwidth you have at your disposal determines how smoothly your company runs, and how easily your employees can access the information they need.

Bonded T1 connections offer nothing less than the maximum bang for your business.

Why Should I Choose Bonded T1?

Bonded T1 lines are made from combining conventional T1 lines – usually in groups of two or four, although more lines may be added for major companies.

This bundling process gives you a proportional bump in throughput, meaning you enjoy an immediate improvement in your connection speeds, both upstream and downstream.

The technology is known as inverse multiplexing (IMUX), and involves routing all your users’ data across several different circuits for maximum efficiency.

Practically, the effect is a breathtaking leap in speed, allowing your business to send and receive huge amounts of data in a flash. If you work in media or simple want to keep over 100 employees humming along well, a bonded T1 line is the best solution for you.

What about Price?

The catch is that bonded T1 pricing is higher than conventional T1 lines, so it is important to make sure you’re not getting more than you need. Many small businesses can get by with a single T1 line, so it is worth speaking with your ISP about your data usage to date and what you can expect moving forward.

That said, if you are straining your broadband service already and need something better, you could find that bonded T1 pricing is far outweighed by the sheer advantage your company will enjoy!

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