Dropbox has garnered much acclaim in the past few years as a quality, Cloud-based file storage system for individual users looking for an alternative to similar services from Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon. The company recently added a Dropbox for Business service tier which promises to make enterprise-class features available to your business — no matter its size.


Features to Change Your Workflow

In addition to its Cloud-based file storage, Dropbox offers other features that add convenience for its business users. The initial storage amount is 1,000 GB, which should be more than enough for most businesses, unless you are involved in video production; this allocation also grows on demand at no additional cost. The storage also comes with full versioning and fast file recovery, adding a measure of peace of mind should one of your hard drives crash in the office.

Security and Sharing

Security is paramount with Dropbox, as it provides 256-bit encryption for storage and all file transfers occur over an SSL (secure sockets layer) Internet connection. If your business has more than one employee, collaboration and easy file sharing, role-based security through Active Directory, and team activity reporting allow you to incorporate enterprise-class workflow management practices.

A centralized administration dashboard for management in addition to live online and phone support are two other good reasons to check out business-class Dropbox.

Pricing Options

Dropbox for Business comes with a free trial, which makes sense if you just want to try out its features to see if your business benefits from them. The yearly price for this tier of Dropbox is $795 for five users. Each additional user costs another $125 per year.

The team management and collaboration features combined with extra security provided by Cloud-based storage makes Dropbox for Business worth considering for your small business. Many businesses are currently using the product, including Bleacher Report, Foursquare, ESPN, Rockstar Energy Drink, and the Houston Public Schools. Join them if you feel your business’s workflow needs an upgrade in addition to the secure file storage.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons