Cut your phone bill by using DSL for VOIP

The residential high-speed dsl market is expanding every day. Speeds are increasing and services are becoming more reliable with new technologies applied to the services. One of the benefits of having residential High-Speed DSL is that you can cut your phone bill by using DSL for VOIP.

VOIP means voice over I.P. This type of service, uses your Internet connection to make calls to land lines substantially reducing the cost of your phone bill. You can get a number assigned to your internet connection and have people call you to this number, successfully replacing your land line phone.

The first thing you need to do to cut your phone bill by using VOIP is to eliminate your international calling plan. International calls are also available though VOIP. Internet services for international calls offer some of the cheapest rates available anywhere. You might find rates as low as one cent per minute or even less.

It is important to know that residential high-speed Internet is offered in different speeds. You might want to get a minimum 2mbps download and 512 Kbps upload speed to ensure the best quality in your voice connection. Typically ADSL is capable of 6Mbps as a top speed but customers get 2mpbs in practice.

Reliability depends on your Internet service provider. If you feel you have a steady connection that is reliable enough to work as your phone line, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Many applications are available to make Voip calls. You can purchase a phone that connects to your computer or you can install your software in some mobile telephones with wifi capability. It all depends on your needs really. You can also use your computer’s microphone and speakers as your communications device, but this usually means less privacy in your call.

Explore different services by browsing through the Internet. Some resources might be available to you that will offer helpful information on how to setup Voip on your current hardware. Call your residential high-speed DSL service provider and see if they have any special recommendations for you. Be patient and try some Internet calls before pulling the plug on your telephone line.