Hollywood has a tendency to predict technological innovations, and the smartwatch is no exception. Here are five leading men who sported famous smartwatches long before the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the rumored Apple iWatch got into the wearable-tech game:


James Bond in GoldenEye

Of course, James Bond has to lead off this list. Pierce Brosnan, while playing 007, wore an Omega Seamaster in GoldenEye. Bond’s version of this smartwatch included a built-in laser and a convenient remote detonation capability. Those two features are probably not in the specs for the Apple iWatch.

Dick Tracy’s Smartwatch: The First?

Warren Beatty’s take on the classic comic, Dick Tracy, was known for its unique color scheme on film. Considering that Tracy’s smartwatch from the comics was arguably the first to appear in popular media, it makes sense the watch also starred in the movie.

Agent K in Men in Black

Tommy Lee Jones’s character in Men in Black, Agent K, wore an interesting smartwatch with a unique arrowhead styling. What was really cool about the watch was its ability to remote control the neuralyzer at the top of the Statue of Liberty. That capability sounds like something that Google might add to the Google Glass.

James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek

While Kirk’s smartwatch, used occasionally during the Star Trek movies, served as a communication device, a combination of a tricoder and smartwatch would have been the ultimate piece of wearable tech for William Shatner’s character. Imagine Bones styling one of those as he checked a “Red Shirt” for injury while keeping track of the time.

Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon: The Movie

While Flash Gordon is known for its campy send-up of a science fiction classic — and Queen’s soundtrack — Brian Blessed, in his role as Prince Vultan, got to wear a cool smartwatch that served nicely as a communication device. There was no movie evidence if his watch also had iTunes.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the rumors of an Apple iWatch have inspired a look back at the famous smartwatches in movies of yore. One thing that’s obvious, though, is that Apple or Samsung don’t have anything in the pipeline that’s nearly as cool as Bond’s Omega or Dick Tracy’s model.