Spotify, Rdio, Grooveshark, and Pandora are streaming music services that have revolutionized the way we listen to the tunes we love. What you may not know is that there’s a whole host of lesser-known services out there that rock just as hard. Here are five of the best:


Turntable (streaming music services)

Regarded as the most social streaming music service on the market, Turntable has you log in via your Facebook or Twitter account. You can then enter a previously created themed listening room where other users spin the disks for your pleasure, or — and this is the best part — you can become a DJ yourself and create your own public or private venue for discerning listeners to rock to the beats you’ve selected. Each DJ and listener is represented by a cartoon avatar. Although the visuals are not to everyone’s taste, they do add to Turntable’s unique party atmosphere.

This Is My Jam

This Is My Jam is a great way to find new music that strikes a chord with your own specific tastes. It works by letting you pick a song you’re currently grooving to and making it your “jam.” Other users will then discover it and give it a listen. They then have the option to “like” it. In turn, you can do the same to their “jams,” which will lead you on a musical voyage of discovery as the service will recommend other users who enjoy similar “jams” to yours.


If you’d prefer letting the music find you rather than your having to actively search it out, then Ex.Fm is one of the streaming music services that will push all the right buttons. Bursting to the seams with a range of genres and styles as well as hooking into an array of quality music blogs and stores, Ex.Fm offers tons of free streaming tunes. By following other users and friends who use the service and listening to their playlists, you’re guaranteed to get hooked up with some amazing new tunes.

Noon Pacific

If you dig the idea of getting a playlist full of new music via email every Monday at noon Pacific time, then Noon Pacific is definitely one of the streaming music services you need to tune into. Probably the most passive music discovery service out there, it works by handpicking and curating a hour-long playlist tailored to you and lets you float away on a heavenly musical cloud every Monday.


Jango is a music service which offers free streaming as well as the added benefits of unlimited skips, social networking, artist promotion, and other key ingredients that the hardcore music fan likes to throw into the mix. Independent artists can add their own music to Jango, which means it has something to offer even the most non-mainstream tastes. The only downside is the intrusive advertisements, but overall that still doesn’t ruin the Jango experience.