After a long period of planning and other roadblocks, such as fighting off a lawsuit from AT&T and Time Warner Cable, Google Fiber is finally live in Louisville. The company began signing up customers earlier this month. Considering it’s less than two years since we mentioned Louisville as a potential city on Google’s radar for Fiber, the speed of their rollout is impressive.

Louisville Skyline

The Skyline of Louisville, Kentucky. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Let’s look more closely at the process that brought Google Fiber to the Derby City to give you an idea on what it would take to bring their gigabit service to your town.

The Timeline for Google Fiber in Louisville

After first announcing interest in the location in late 2015, Google began a site survey of the Louisville metro area, looking for suitable neighborhoods for their high-speed Internet service. The company remained coy about their findings for a few months, but after the city passed an ordinance in February of 2016, allowing Google easier access to utility poles to install fiber equipment, things began to move more quickly.

AT&T and Time Warner Cable soon filed a joint lawsuit against the ordinance, with a TWC attorney claiming it “does not provide any meaningful way for TWC to know what changes have been made to its existing facilities or to assure any damage is promptly cured.” The lawsuit would stay tied up in the courts for over a year.

Louisville’s Metro Council awarded Google Fiber a franchise agreement later that June, and it appeared customers would be enjoying fast Internet speed by the end of the year. However, the October resignation of Fiber CEO, Craig Barratt, combined with Google halting rollouts in 10 cities across the country, including Louisville, put a damper on those hopes.

Plans seemed in a holding pattern for the next few months before Google announced in June of this year that construction was beginning in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood, using underground fiber due to the still pending litigation. That AT&T/Time Warner lawsuit being dismissed in August allowed Google to begin targeting other neighborhoods for pole-based installation.

Google Fiber Customer Signups Begin

Google recently began offering two service levels in Portland as well as two other Louisville neighborhoods. Fiber 1000 provides a standard gigabit service for a monthly fee of $70. A slower Fiber 100 service at 100 Mbps costs $50 per month. YouTube TV is available as an add-on, with 40 streamed TV channels at an additional monthly rate of $35.

Interested Louisville residents should click on this Google Fiber link to see if service is available in their area.

For its part, AT&T is also greatly expanding its own fiber offerings throughout the Louisville metro area. Competition remains a good thing in the world of Internet service.

Simply click on this link to test your own Internet speed. Maybe gigabit service will be available in your region soon, if it isn’t already?