With many content providers and media companies getting in the video on-demand game, it comes as no surprise that HBO also entered the fray with their HBO Go online streaming service. Now you are able to keep up with the Targaryens, Starks, and Lannisters by streaming the wildly popular Game of Thrones no matter your location — Westeros, Essos, or even beyond the Wall.

If you already subscribe to HBO through your satellite or cable television provider, you simply need to download the HBO Go app for either the iOS or Android platforms to stream HBO online content wherever you may wander. Additionally, cordcutters are now also able to enjoy the premium television service by subscribing to the new HBO Now service. Let’s take a closer look at how these HBO online services compare.

HBO Go and HBO Now online

Differences Between HBO Go and HBO Now

As mentioned earlier, the simplest way to look at HBO’s two video streaming offerings is the following. HBO Go allows those who subscribe to the premium movie channel through their cable or satellite service to enjoy on-demand streaming of HBO movies and TV shows on their mobile device. HBO Now, on the other hand, provides the same functionality without first subscribing to cable or satellite TV.

An HBO Now subscription costs $15 per month, which is comparable to paying for the channel on your satellite or cable service. This option launched in early April 2015, exclusively for owners of an Apple TV box or an iOS device, like the iPhone or iPad. After an initial three month period, HBO Now becomes available on other platforms, including Android mobile devices, and probably other video-on-demand products, like the Roku and Chromecast.

iOS users note that the HBO Now app is compatible with iOS 7.0 and greater. For comparison’s sake, the HBO Go app supports iOS 5.0 and greater.

Make sure your Internet Bandwidth handles HD Video Streaming

When using either HBO Go or HBO Now, remember to perform regular Internet speed tests to ensure you’re getting enough bandwidth to stream HD-quality video without hiccups or too much buffering. At least 5 Mbps is a good benchmark for HD video streaming, but 10 Mbps works better, especially if you have multiple users accessing your router.

HBO Go and HBO Now offer users an easy way to stream quality HBO online movies and TV shows when on the go. As more consumers eschew regular cable and satellite TV service, expect more content providers to follow HBO’s lead with their own streaming products.