Have you ever wanted to check your Internet speed at the airport? We’ve all had that moment when we’ve had to deal with either a flight cancellation or long layover. When this happens, many of us are left to depend on our mobile phones to distract us, or, if we’re fortunate, help us try to find the next flight available. This is when the Internet connection on your mobile phone comes to the rescue. Now you can distract yourself by either tweeting about your not-so-satisfactory experience or updating your Instagram.


While you may be content to use your cellular connection and data plan to access the Internet on your mobile device, you might find yourself in a location with no signal, or you may be traveling abroad and have your data plan turned off to save money.

Most airports do provide WiFi, either for free or for a fee. Either way, once you’re connected, you may notice that your Internet experience isn’t as fast as you’d like. You may want to check your Internet speed to test the speed of the airport WiFi or your own cellular connection. What should you do?

How to Check Your Internet Speed

Do you have an iPhone or Android, or whatever other mobile device that suits you? Not a problem! With a quick visit to BandwidthPlace.com, you will be able to run an Internet speed test directly from your mobile device’s browser.

All it takes is a few quick steps and you can easily check your Internet speed. Go to Bandwidthplace.com and click on the Start button to test your Internet speed. The results you will get will include your download and upload speeds.

There’s no need to worry about installing any special plug-ins or downloading any software because BandwidthPlace.com uses HTML5 technology, which plays nice with your browser. Since you don’t have to install anything, now you can save all that space on your phone with photos to upload to Instagram.

Photo credit: Flickr/sam_churchill