Verizon has its own Verizon speed test to accommodate its customers and their devices. The company claims to have a different type of speed test than other sites because it measures the speeds in a different way. Verizon is one of many companies offering speed tests on their sites, so don’t be fooled: not all are the same.


The Verizon Speed Test

Access the speed test by going to the Verizon website. Don’t go to the home page of the site, because there is no link to the speed test — you can’t click on the home page and go to Services to access the speed test, even though that is where it is located.

Read the directions before clicking the “Start Speed Test” button: First attach your device to the router. Verizon recommends against testing through a wireless connection. Disconnect from all private networks. The directions point out other factors beyond your control that can affect the outcome. Once you finish reading the directions, click the “Start Speed Test” button.

You are taken to a new screen. Before clicking the “Begin Test” button, look below the button and follow the directions. Verizon recommends users remove all devices connected to the network, except the device being tested. If the server selected seems a bit far, then click the “Select a Different Server” button and select one that is closer. Otherwise, click the “Begin Test” button.

If you are using Verizon’s FiOS Internet, then click here to access a different speed test. Follow the directions for disconnecting everything, then click the “Test My Speed” button.

An Alternative

You can also use other sites to test your download speed. For example, access Bandwidth Place to run their speed test. Go to the site and verify that the server is the closest one to your location. Then click the “Start” button. The speed test is coded in HTML5 technology, allowing a smooth test for all your devices without any extra apps or the need to install Flash.

No matter how which site you choose to use, a speed test can be helpful in determining how fast your download speed is.