With so many devices competing for bandwidth on your ISP account — smartphones, video game consoles, computers, Blu-ray players, home appliances, and more — being able to regularly and accurately verify your Internet speed is vital. Some of the biggest names in the speed test business rely on outdated Flash or Java technology to perform a bandwidth test.  That’s the same plug-in that probably crashes your web browser on occasion.  Fortunately, there’s a better way to test your Internet speed.

HTML5 Internet Speed Tests Grow in Popularity

Internet speed tests using HTML5 allow you to run those tests on your desktop browser, smartphone browser or tablet browser even if Flash or Java isn’t supported, as with Apple’s iOS platform.  This article from TechRepublic reveals the popularity of HTML5 tests and profiles the top five speed tests.

HTML5 Internet Speed Tests Review

Our very own Bandwidth Place ranked number one on the list.  Bandwidth Place combines over a decade of speed test technology with an easy to follow HTML5 presentation that runs on nearly all web browsers on both desktop and mobile platforms.  The TechRepublic article mentioned that some of the other bandwidth tests using HTML5 produced inaccurate and inconsistent results, but this was not the case with Bandwidth Place.

Bandwidth Place — the Best Internet Speed Test for Global Users

The TechRepublic article also notes that the Bandwidth Place speed test allows users to choose from a variety of servers located all over the world, which makes the test uniquely suitable for global users. The article’s author praised Bandwidth Place for the accuracy of its test results, favorably comparing them to the leading speed tests from the worlds of Flash and Java.

According to the article some of the other HTML5 speed tests suffered from confusing user interfaces. Some tests didn’t even allow you to select your own test server, which is vital for getting accurate results no matter your location. Bandwidth Place led the group with consistent test results and a clear user interface.

There’s no denying that the days of Flash and Java are numbered, as its obsolete technology seems to cause more problems with modern web browsers on a regular basis. Relying on a Flash speed test to check your Internet bandwidth limits the devices able to actually run the test, as well as the efficacy of your testing. When looking for a state of the art HTML5 bandwidth test, Bandwidth Place definitely stands out among the pack.