First things first, in order to perform an iPad speed test for the cellular data network, the user must have an iPad (3rd generation) WiFi + cellular model. An active phone or data plan with a wireless carrier is a must.

Several sites out there can perform a speed test. However, has a unique advantage. uses HTML5 technology, which means you don’t need to load any side applications, including Flash.


Setting Up a Cellular Data Account

It only takes a few minutes to set up a cellular data account on the iPad. The steps required are the same for all data carriers.

  • Turn on the iPad
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Cellular Data”
  • Tap “View Account”
  • When the Cellular Data Account window opens, tap “Set Up New Account”
  • Enter the required information, and tap the “Next” button
  • Read the Term of Service agreement, and tap the “Agree” button
  • Wait for the Payment Summary to load. If all the information is correct, tap the “Submit” button
  • Wait for the Congratulations screen to load, and tap the “OK” button
  • iPad will notify the user that the cellular data connection is active

The cellular data connection is based on minutes. The customer is charged extra if he goes over his minutes. It is better to connect to the Internet via a WiFi source, if possible. Also, WiFi runs faster via a cellular data connection. Visit Apple Support for more information on cellular data networks.

The Test

The user can switch back and forth between WiFi and their cellular network at will. Simply go into Settings and select the “Cellular Data” option to turn it on or off. It is a good idea to test the iPad’s upload and download speeds for both the WiFi and cellular network connections.

  • Make sure the iPad is in cellular data mode
  • Go to
  • Tap the “Select Server” down arrow. This allows the user to select a specific server anywhere in the world. The closest is the best when performing an iPad speed test
  • Tap the green “Start” button

That’s all there is to it. The iPad’s upload and download speeds will appear. After the user has this data, he can perform the test again with a WiFi connection to see the difference.

The Speed Advantage

Faster speeds equate to a smoother Internet experience. Downloading and streaming videos won’t have to buffer, and HD video will download much faster. High-end gamers who are receiving too much latency during game play can test their speed to verify that their Internet is not the problem. Once the user understands the speed of his network, he can troubleshoot other possible issues like his wireless network, open applications, and computer memory. It is a good idea to check back and retest the iPad to make sure it is getting maximum bandwidth, especially when it is being transferred to different locations.