If cordcutting to you means not wanting to overspend on a streaming service, consider AT&T WatchTV. This OTT offering from the telecommunications giant offers a decent channel lineup at a great price. You don’t get the extra features of services like YouTube TV, but it’s perfect for families on a budget.

AT&T WatchTV

AT&T WatchTV is a worthy budget streaming service. Logo copyright AT&T.

Let’s take a deeper dive into AT&T WatchTV. Understanding their channel lineup, monthly price, and other features helps you make an informed decision. We also look at the Internet speed considerations for streaming HD video content.

A Closer Look at AT&T WatchTV

Simply put, AT&T WatchTV provides over 35 live TV channels for a monthly price of $15. This places it squarely in the family of other budget streaming services, like Philo. While Sling TV is another option, its confusing array of tiers and other extras make it easy to spend over $50 per month.

WatchTV, like Philo provides simplicity. You get one channel lineup at one price. This helps when subscribing to other on-demand services, like Netflix or the upcoming Disney+. Users of some of AT&T’s unlimited mobile plans can get WatchTV for free.

While AT&T WatchTV does offer extras, it only has one basic tier, unlike Sling TV. Like Philo, it includes many of the popular entertainment channels, including Food Network, TCM, TBS, and more. A deal with Viacom means Comedy Central and MTV are available. CNN and BBC World News are also part of the lineup.

Unfortunately, the lack of sports channels is the one major caveat. There are also no local channels. This is also the case with Philo. Sports content remains expensive. Thus, it’s hard for providers to offer ESPN, NBC Sports, and others and still maintain a low price.

AT&T WatchTV Other Features

In addition to live TV, WatchTV also provides over 15,000 on-demand titles. Premium movie channels, such as HBO, Cinemax, and Starz, come at an extra price. Using your WatchTV credentials to sign up for these premiums adds a measure of convenience.

AT&T WatchTV supports most popular streaming devices, including the Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and more. You are also able to watch on your iOS or Android mobile device using the WatchTV app. Note you are only able to stream to one device at a time.

How Much Internet Speed Do I Need for WatchTV?

Like other streaming services, you need at least 5 Mbps to stream HD content from AT&T WatchTV. While they don’t let you stream to multiple devices simultaneously, other active devices on your network requires additional Internet speed. This is especially the case with online videogaming.

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