When Amazon first launched their popular premium service, Amazon Prime, one of the program’s allures was the free two-day Amazon Prime shipping. Sure, Amazon Prime has many other great features: For $79 a year you get access to an unlimited amount of streaming movies and TV shows on Prime Instant Video and one free Kindle book rental each month. But it’s the free two-day shipping, with no minimum dollar amount required, that attracts many to Prime. Now you can order all those things you never knew you needed, and get them shipped free!


Need a 30-day supply of paper towels and need it within two days? You can get it, shipped free… in two days. How about a farm animal coloring book for under two dollars? Yep, you can get it shipped for free thanks to Amazon Prime.

But Amazon Prime shipping isn’t just for your everyday lightweight items… heavier items, items you probably won’t want to drag home on your own, will also be shipped to your door for free in two days. Because really, why do all the heavy lifting if someone else can do it for you, for free?

So what are some of the heaviest items you can get while taking advantage of the free Amazon Prime shipping?

SentrySafe Lock Fire Safe
Price: $900.96
Weight: 456 pounds
Weighing in at nearly 500 pounds, you can also be thankful Amazon Prime’s shipping will take care of the delivery, for free!

Granite Bench
Price: $348.61
Weight: 458 pounds
If you are a fan of the Flintstones and want to get your Bedrock on, then this appropriately named “Wilma” bench is just the thing for you.

Decorative King Crab Chair
Price: $802.47
Weight: 164 pounds
Yes, you will be the talk of the town with this magnificently sculpted Spice Islands King Crab Side Chair. Be the first on your block (or state) to own one!

Cement Mixer
Price: $395
Weight: 174 pounds
You never know when you need a cement mixer (not the drink, never the drink!) that will get the job done. Amazon will ship this heavy mixer to you. No questions asked.

Great Shark Statue
Price: $276.16
Weight: 43 pounds
So maybe this item is lightweight compared to the rest on our list, but come on, sharks are awesome! Be the envy of all your friends with this magnificent statue of a shark head.