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Republic of Indonesia has one of the fastest growing Internet user rate in the world. With a population of ~270 million in 2019, it is fourth biggest country after China, India and the United States. Despite this fact, Indonesia has achieved an Internet penetration rate of 63.5% in 2019 – higher than an average in Asia – 54.2%, per APJII (Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association). According to the same source, 171,260,000 Internet users have been counted in Indonesia in June 2019. This number has increased 86 times since year 2000, based on the APJII data.

While access to the fixed broadband remained quite low, the mobile broadband was dominating in the country. In last several years, Indonesia’s mobile internet market and the user count has rapidly grown. Moreover, the huge development is expected in a few next years, according to the market projections.

Who has the fastest Internet in Indonesia?

Take a look at the Indonesia Internet Speed Test charts below. Besides some speed test data, like download and upload speed, these charts also show a quick view of the Internet test results in Indonesia by device – mobile, tablet, and desktop. Over the years, thousands of broadband and mobile Internet tests were completed by Internet users in Indonesia visiting Bandwidth Place online speed test tool. Here at Bandwidth Place, we have compiled all this data into a few convenient reports for you. As it is said in Indonesian – Cek Kecepatan Internet – go and check your Internet speed yourself! Run the download and upload tests for your WiFi or a wired connection, and compare with other user results. We hope your speed is fastest!

If you would like to explore more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Indonesia and possibly find a better service and faster Internet, here might be a few good options for you: Telcomsel, Biznet Home, Indosat Ooredoo GIG, MNC Play Media, MyRepublic. Among the many other ones, these ISPs offer high speed Internet in Indonesia.

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