With a new year dawning, many of you might be considering the purchase of a new smartphone. Knowing the fastest mobile Internet networks plays a role in deciding on both a new carrier and the actual phone itself. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what carriers provide the best speed when it comes to mobile broadband.


Verizon Wireless Brings Speedy 4G Service to the Equation

Verizon Wireless offers their fast 4G LTE network service to a large portion of the United States. In many cases, Verizon’s 4G service rivals the speeds of cable or DSL Internet service. Proving that point, a quick HTML 5 bandwidth test revealed a download speed of 22.64 Mbps from Verizon’s 4G service, which was faster than the test of a 20 Mbps cable Internet service returning a download speed of 13.45 Mbps from the same website.

There is little doubt that the top mobile broadband providers can compete with 5-20 Mbps level cable and DSL offerings. If unlimited data plans became commonplace again from mobile carriers, more consumers would undoubtedly look towards the mobile companies for all their Internet service needs.

AT&T Also Offers Fast 4G Internet Service

AT&T’s own 4G service ranks near the top when it comes to the fastest mobile Internet networks. Its speed definitely rivals or even exceeds Verizon’s in some cases. Where Big Red earns higher ranks is when it comes to 4G network availability. AT&T is rapidly catching up, but Verizon stills offers more 4G coverage at this time.

Sprint and T-Mobile Playing Catch-Up

When it comes to the top four mobile carriers in the United States, Sprint and T-Mobile remain behind AT&T and Verizon when considering 4G network speed and availability. So keep that in mind when deciding on a new smartphone, especially if you plan on using mobile Internet service regularly. In many cases, a decision between AT&T and Verizon for mobile Internet will come down to customer loyalty or the desire for a smartphone offered by only one of the two.

Photo credit: Flickr/Pays de Montfort en Brocéliande