There’s no denying that the world is going mobile. All you need to do is go to a public location and look around you to find half of the population glued to their smartphones. However, this anecdotal observation doesn’t give you the true picture of what’s going on in the mobile world. Based on current desktop vs. mobile data, desktop still reigns supreme as far as traffic and usage. But will mobile traffic surpass PC traffic anytime soon?


Mobile Traffic Accounts for 25%

According to Smart Insights, recent data shows that mobile traffic now represents about 25% of Internet traffic but is rapidly rising. Just last year, that statistic was a measly 14%. Mobile traffic has already surpassed that of PCs in India, where mobile traffic accounts for 61 percent of the total Internet traffic, according to Marketing Land.

Time Spent on Mobile Devices Has Skyrocketed

Research from comScore shows that time spent on mobile devices exceeded that of PCs in the US in May 2013. Internet usage overall has skyrocketed up from previous years (including desktop), but that spike seems primarily driven by mobile devices. The reason: people are always within arm’s reach of their smartphones and enjoy the easy access to their favorite websites and apps that mobile devices provide.

Mobile Users Exceed PCs

However, the view of mobile devices worldwide paints a different picture. In areas of emerging telecommunications access, mobile handsets provide a cheap and effective way to break down barriers to Internet access. According to Forrester, emerging markets in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East will drive the total number of global users to exceed that of PC-based Internet users in the next few years.

With these mobile data points, it only stands to reason that mobile traffic will surpass PC traffic in the upcoming years. It won’t happen overnight, but as new mobile technologies develop and more markets develop exciting responsive mobile designs, mobile traffic will slowly edge out PC traffic.

Photo credit: Flickr