A mobile speed test from BandwidthPlace.com is paramount when troubleshooting your phone’s browser connection, carrier, or WiFi service. Plus, there are many more reasons to check your bandwidth, wherever you are.


Why Check Your Speed?

  • Data speeds vary per location: use a test to provide real data to back up claims of slow or fast speeds
  • Use a speed test to compare WiFi hotspot speeds versus those of your carrier
  • Compare the speed advantages of upgrading from 3G to 4G LTE
  • Before using data-intensive applications, analyze connection speed to help performance
  • Perform a mobile speed test from different Internet browsers to get the most efficient mobile web browsing experience
  • When shopping for phones, compare new phone performance and different carrier speeds
  • When traveling, check WiFi connections at hotels and coffee shops
  • At home, BandwidthPlace.com is a perfect way to optimize your WiFi connection

Best Places to Mobile Speed Test

At BandwidthPlace.com, you can compare your speed at home or on the go. You can analyze your carrier, your WiFi at home or at your local coffee shop. In certain cases, 4G LTE can be faster than home WiFi, so make sure you check your carrier speed and WiFi at home, then compare results.

HTML5 Technology

BandwidthPlace.com uses HTML5 technology, which enables the fastest mobile speed testing environment with no Flash or application download requirements. Simply check directly from whatever Internet browser you use to compare your WiFi or mobile carrier performance. BandwidthPlace.com is ideal for devices that do not support Flash and Java applets.

The goal of BandwidthPlace.com is to enable all broadband users to compare their Internet speed from any device — anywhere. As broadband access continues to be a core part of our everyday activities, the need to manage and optimize Internet speeds becomes more important. BandwidthPlace.com is responsive, meaning it will respond to the screen size of your device and configure itself automatically. It is designed to give you quick and accurate upload and download results from virtually any device. Responsive design plus application-free development makes BandwidthPlace.com the best mobile speed test on the market.