As more customers embrace video streaming as their primary source for television, getting access to local news has become a more difficult proposition. Enter NewsON, an app available for iOS, Android, and Roku. NewsON offers on demand news content from 118 TV stations in 90 different markets, allowing cord cutters a means to get their local news for free.

Breaking News Online

This has the potential to be a popular service in areas with broadband Internet access, but spotty over-the-air antenna reception. Additionally, it provides those who’ve relocated a chance to keep track of the news in their former location. Let’s take a closer look at NewsON to see if it makes sense in your Digital TV portfolio.

Easy To Use Video Streaming App

NewsON’s Android app is easy to use. The app defaults to the local TV stations in your current location. An interactive map is also available, allowing you to browse TV stations all over the country.

You have the option to watch the current news live as it airs, or a previous broadcast on an on demand basis. Access to older broadcasts is provided for up to 48 hours; this varies by station policy. Tapping on a playing video brings up a set of controls allowing you to rewind, fast forward, or jump to a specific part of the program. A commercial occasionally plays, which — considering the free price — shouldn’t be a problem.

The streaming video quality is generally good, but it is dependent on the stream offered by each individual station, so expect differences. As always, perform a quick speed test to ensure your Internet connection is up to snuff. Anything greater than 5 Mbps should suffice for HD quality.

Find Your Current or Former Local News Broadcast

Other app controls let you search by text for stations or filter them by their parent network (NBC, ABC, etc.). Tapping on the star next to the call letters marks that station as a favorite. You can also set an alert to inform you when a future broadcast is live or when a breaking news event occurs.

As NewsON grows in popularity, expect other news channels to join the service and the app to support other video players beyond the Roku. It offers an easy method to stay informed with the goings-on at home when traveling, while providing access to local news for cord cutters suffering from poor antenna reception. This is an app that belongs in any news junkie’s collection.