Optimizing Bandwidth

Faster Internet Speed is essential when Optimizing Bandwidth performance.

With multiple users on High-Speed Internet networks—and data files continuing to grow—users and businesses have even more critical decisions to make about bandwidth. But what’s certain in todays world; faster internet speed is crucial!


Step 1:  Need faster internet speed? Take an Internet Speed test

The Bandwidthplace Speed Test can accurately test faster internet speed over laptops, tablets and mobile devices. We recommend running regular tests of your bandwidth speeds to maintain optimal performance.  When working to increase your speed, make a note of how it is performing before you start troubleshooting.

The Bandwidthplace Speed Test is designed with HTML5 technology to accurately test faster internet connection speed across an array of platforms. It’s also designed for residential connections as well as business, so not only can you test your Internet speed at home, the largest corporation can visually understand how fast their network is operating.

Step 2: Try the easiest first

There are multiple variables that can contribute to poor bandwidth performance:

  • Close any programs that are utilizing the Internet, e.g., downloads, browsers and cloud applications
  • With a wireless connection you may see slower speeds; try connecting directly—by wire—to your router or modem

Step 3: Still having trouble? Try rebooting your modem or router:

The following is  a more advanced way to clear almost anything consuming memory and slowing bandwidth down:

  • Find your modem or router, press the reset button or unplug the power cable
  • Wait for approximately one minute for the modem to reset
  • Plug your modem back in first, then your router (allow up to two minutes for “sync”)
  • Wait for the lights to stop blinking on the modem and router
  • Try connecting again
  • Now, use the speed test to measure and compare your initial results

Is your Bandwidth Speed still lower than expected?

The problem could be with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or business network.  Call your and summarize the actions and results you received from the above steps.  It may be the time to upgrade to a higher Internet package or look into a new Internet Service Provider (ISP), whether for your home or business, and finally get faster internet speed.