The iPhone 5s is easily the fastest and most advanced smartphone available, yet poor mobile bandwidth performance can still be a problem. Make sure you check your carrier bandwidth (and home WiFi performance) with an iPhone 5s mobile speed test.

What Is a Mobile Speed Test?

A mobile speed test will analyze your bandwidth speed on any device, on any browser, and in any location. By incorporating HTML5 technology, the mobile speed test can run without your having to download a separate application.

By selecting from a list of servers located all over the world, you can test your upload and download speeds from any location. The mobile speed test can also measure network performance from your cellular carrier — and your home, business, or hotel WiFi network.

What Do I Do?iphone-5s-mobile-speed-test

1. Open your browser application on your iPhone 5s (remember: the speed test utilizes HTML5 technology, so it will work on any mobile browser, such as Safari, Chrome, or Opera, without requiring you to download a separate application).

2. Go to:

3. Click “START TEST” (remember: if you’re interested in testing upload and download speeds in different parts of the world, click the “Select Server” option and a list of servers will be presented).

4. After a brief moment, your download speeds and upload speeds will be presented. You will also get a ping result, your IP address, and which internet service provider (ISP) you are using.

Voila! Now you have your speed test results. After testing your carrier, try testing your WiFi at home or the local coffee shop. The iPhone 5s mobile speed test can analyze bandwidth performance from anywhere.

The iPhone 5s is one of the fastest mobile devices around. However, a slow carrier or poor WiFi signal will cancel out any fast browsing, downloading, or uploading. Make sure you perform a mobile speed test on your device before diagnosing any system issue, and have fun with your new iPhone 5s.