If you’ve noticed that your streaming video is lagging and your downloads are slow, it might be time to run a free Internet speed test on your connection. Maybe you aren’t getting all the bandwidth you pay for each month. Thankfully, testing your Internet is a simple process that doesn’t impact the wallet at all!


HTML5: Faster Than Flash for Testing Internet Speed

One thing to check out before finding an Internet testing service is if the website uses Flash or newer HTML5 technology. Flash apps can load slowly; if you are currently experiencing slow download speeds, it might take some time to actually run the test. This can be a hassle if you are on the phone with your local Internet provider’s support team.

HTML5 doesn’t require a Flash app to download, so you can start the test more quickly, which can be helpful when you are suffering poor performance. All you need to do is load the website in your browser; either choose the closest server to your location or use the default, and click on “Start” to begin the test.

The test performs a small file download to test that aspect of your Internet service, followed by a file upload. When the test is finished, both results are displayed on the screen. It is a good idea to write down these values (or save them in a text processing file) along with the date and time you ran the test to get a good idea of your Internet performance over time.

This information can be useful if you are trying to diagnose a problem with your service provider or if you feel you deserve a credit on your bill for substandard performance. Perform a free Internet speed test on a regular basis to verify you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons