Not to be outdone by Apple’s iPad Pro and the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Google is also getting into the tablet manufacturing game with the Pixel C. Aimed squarely at Android power users who also enjoy video streaming, this tablet features an attachable keyboard, just like its competitors out of Cupertino and Redmond.

While some tech pundits feel the tablet market reached its peak two years ago, these tech industry giants keep trying to find the sweet spot between a smartphone and a laptop. The Pixel C retails for $499 for the 32GB version, while the 64GB model costs $599 — the keyboard is a separate purchase for $149. Let’s take a closer look at its specs to see if the Pixel C belongs on your Holiday wish list.

Holiday Tablet

Lightweight Convertible Android Tablet

The Pixel C (the “C” stands for convertible, not “Chrome” or “Chromebook”) sports a 10.2-inch touchscreen. The optional keyboard connects to the tablet using a magnet, serving as a cover when not in use. A simple motion attaches the screen to the end of the keyboard, while setting it to the optimal viewing angle. This sturdy unit weighs about two pounds, and only one pound without the keyboard.

Some reviewers were surprised about the lack of a trackpad, but the Pixel C does support a Bluetooth mouse for additional control beyond the touchscreen. Most praise the feel of the keyboard, so this looks to be an Android tablet that lets you get some real work done, in addition to leisure time activities like rich media streaming (if your bandwidth handles it) and gameplay.

The Pixel C is powered by a quad core mobile processor and comes with 3GB of RAM — competitive specs in the world of tablet computers. The Maxwell GPU (graphics processing unit) enhances the tablet’s capability for video streaming and video gaming action. The tablet runs Android version 6.0 saddled with the unfortunate moniker, “Marshmallow.”

Lack of Business Apps Hampers Android Tablets

Still, building a powerful tablet to compete with similar models from Microsoft and Apple means little if your app platform doesn’t feature many business productivity apps. The fact that Microsoft Office is available on both the iOS and Windows (obviously!) platforms puts Google at a significant disadvantage when it comes to attracting business users to the Pixel C.

However, Android fans looking for a “best of the platform” tablet for watching TV shows, movies and video game action need look no further. Slated to hit the market in time for the Holidays, the pixel C is arguably the best tablet available for Google’s mobile platform.