If you are a cordcutter looking for a great streaming service for sports and more, check out PlayStation Vue. It provides a host of popular cable TV channels, local stations, and a full range of sports content.

PS Vue Logo

The PS Vue Logo, copyright Sony.

Accessing the service is a breeze, with apps available for most streaming boxes. This includes the Roku, Sony smart TVs, and the PlayStation videogame consoles. Note that PS Vue only supports the PS3 and PS4 models. Sorry, your ancient PS1 can’t stream media!

Netflix focuses on movies and original content, and the basic Hulu service adds network TV shows as well. So, PS Vue works better as a cable TV replacement, like Hulu Live TV or AT&T Now. Let’s look more closely at PlayStation Vue and what it brings to the table.

PlayStation Vue Service Plans

Sony’s PlayStation Vue provides four different service plans. They are called Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. Monthly fees for each are $49.99, $54.99, $64.99, and $84.99, respectively.

The Ultra Plan includes HBO and Showtime, in addition to the full range of other channels. If desired, simply add premium services to one of the other plans for an extra monthly fee. Other extras include the Sports Pack, Fox Soccer Plus, Spanish language channels, and Cinemax.

Note that PS Vue is only available in the United States. The service also provides a select number of local stations. Enter your ZIP code at this link to see what local channels are available. You are also able to compare the different service plans.

PS Vue offers a Cloud DVR with the ability to save thousands of hours of programming. Multi-view capability is available on the PS4 and Apple TV box. You are also able to stream to five different devices at once.

A Streaming Service for Sports Fans

PlayStation Vue offers a cornucopia of sports channels. The ESPN family of channels, FS1, FS2, and NBC Sports Network highlight their offerings. Soccer fans will appreciate beIN Sports and the availability of Fox Soccer Plus as an extra.

The NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB TV, Big 10 Network, the SEC Network, and the Olympics Channel are available. PS Vue just added The NHL Network and the ACC Network as well. Needless to say, sports channels abound on PlayStation Vue.

A Personal Opinion on PlayStation Vue

This writer subscribed to PS Vue after canceling DirecTV last year. Generally, my wife and I are pleased. She enjoys the Cloud DVR service and on-demand content. In addition, I appreciate the cheaper price compared to cable or satellite.

The picture is generally clear, but becomes pixelated on rare occasions, likely due to network congestion. Our Spectrum ISP provides a 100 Mbps service to our house. Other streaming services we use are also prone to buffering, but rarely.

You need at least 5 to 10 Mbps of Internet speed to stream HD content to one device. A dual band router does a great job transmitting the wireless signal into our distant living room. Consider something similar if you encounter difficulty with streaming.

Ultimately, perform a quick Internet speed test using our accurate service to see if your bandwidth can handle PlayStation Vue. Stay tuned for further articles on streaming options for your home entertainment.