Those of you who like to travel in an RV or go camping usually find that staying connected to the Internet is a hassle. Sure, sometimes a smartphone or tablet computer can provide mobile broadband connectivity, but what about when there aren’t any cellphone towers nearby?


Portable satellite Internet options exist for just this reason. RV travelers especially benefit from using a portable satellite to stay connected to the Internet while they traipse across the country. Businesses with travel fleets also can benefit from these kinds of services, and there are military, police, fire, and emergency response applications as well. Let’s take a look at this unique sector of broadband Internet services:

Mobile Satellite Technology: Many Applications

Mobil Satellite Technologies is a typical company providing mobile satellite services for a wide range of applications — from leisure time pursuits such as RV and boat travel to more serious scenes, such as a FEMA command post or a construction site. In addition to Internet services, they also offer VPNs, VoIP services, and video conferencing — all predominately using satellite communications.

A wide range of service plans are available when using portable satellite Internet, and they are generally priced at a premium compared to other land-based or satellite Internet plans. Some are from companies famous for satellite Internet, such HughesNet, while others are with smaller firms, such as SkyEdge or iDirect. Some short-term plans lasting only a few days or weeks are suitable for emergency response scenarios, construction sites, or even a quick camping vacation.

Antennas and Other Equipment for Portable Satellite Internet

Some antennas used for portable satellite Internet tend to be smaller, especially when they are attached to a boat or RV. Others are similar in size to a typical DirecTV satellite antenna. Most use auto-acquire technology, which is a must for staying connected to a satellite while traveling.

No matter the application — whether it be a vacation or a more serious event — portable satellite Internet helps to keep you connected to high-speed Internet when no other options are available. It is a perfect option for Internet access while traveling across the land in an RV or across the ocean in a boat.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons