Everybody likes a deal, right? When it comes to Internet service, there’s no reason to pay any more than a competitive rate, especially for a non-wireless service. With that in mind, here are six tips for finding the best Internet service deals.

Finding Internet Service deals

1. Understand the Differences between the Types of Internet Service

Before searching for deals, research the different types of Internet services and their typical maximum speed. $50 per month for 5GB of data on a wireless service isn’t a good deal compared to $75 per month for unlimited fiber broadband.

2. Determine How Much Bandwidth You Need

It is important to figure out how much bandwidth you need based on your Internet usage before shopping for ISPs. If you rarely stream video content, you will be able to get by with less bandwidth than someone who watches 3 hours of Netflix every night. Don’t pay for more Internet than you use.

3 Find the ISPs serving your Location

Finding a great deal on Internet access means little if the ISP in question doesn’t offer service in your area. Simply enter your ZIP code on this page to find great deals on ISPs serving your city.

4. Bundles, Bundles, Bundles

Bundling your Internet service with Digital TV and Phone is a great way to save money. DirecTV and AT&T customers will soon see some interesting package deals after their recent merger. Be sure to read the fine print, since most bundles require a contract with early termination fees.

5. Optimize Your Bandwidth

Investing in a top of the line wireless router lets you get the most out of your bandwidth. This lets you spend a little less on your ISP and still be able to stream videos and other rich media formats with little problem. Check out these tips for optimizing your bandwidth.

6. Know When to Haggle

Haggling with a customer service rep is a great way to get a better deal on your Internet service package. If you live in an area with multiple ISPs, simply threaten to leave for one of their competitors. When subscribing to a bundle package with Digital Phone service — and you aren’t still under a contract — mention Vonage or other similar services. Chances are good you’ll receive a lower monthly payment.

Following these simple tips ensures you won’t spend too much on Internet service. Remember to do your research, and don’t be shy about haggling for the best possible deal.