Slacker Radio is an interactive Internet radio service which allows listeners to create and customize music stations. Users can rate or ban songs from their stations to allow flexible customization for sharing and listening. Users can enjoy music on any of their popular mobile devices, computers or on the personal radio player located on the Slacker site.

radio-wave-hazard-700x400This service has three account types: Free, Radio Plus, and Premium. The Free service has advertisements much like a regular station would air. Radio Plus allows caching to multiple mobile phones, no advertisements, and the ability to shut off DJs. The Premium account allows the creation of playlists, the ability to play songs on demand, and has the attributes of the Radio Plus package.

Why Listen to Slacker Radio

PC Magazine mentions some of the new additions being played to include ESPN, Car & Driver, Complex Magazine, and GQ. They state “you’ll find tips for night driving, easing a hangover, fashion advice, and more. The new additions, when combined with ABC News and the four comedy channels, push Slacker into a realm beyond just streaming music.”

Slacker has over 10 million songs, hourly business headlines, sports, talk shows, and news. Pretty much anything a user would listen to on the radio can be accessed through this service. It currently has over 200 stations covering all genres of music. They bring in musical artists for interviews and some of the artists even host their own stations.

Offline Listening

Slacker has this to say about offline listening: “Simply select the songs, stations or playlists you want stored on your device and hit the refresh button over Wi-Fi. Even when there is no signal or you are in Airplane Mode, Slacker keeps the music going.”

They have expanded their service to every smartphone platform and the user can bill their subscription directly to their phone bill. Game consoles, smart TV’s, and even cars are viable ways for the listener to tune in to this Internet radio service.