With more people eschewing their digital TV subscriptions to take advantage of an Internet connection to stream movies and TV shows, new services hope to attract these potential customers by bundling some of the more popular Cable channels under one offering. Sling TV site, a subsidiary of the Dish Network, is a notable example of this new kind of television service.

Sling TV for cord cutter

Sling TV is available by using an app for nearly every computer and mobile operating system. It is also compatible with the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast — three of the most popular TV/Video players. If you are planning on joining the ranks of cord-cutters, here’s a closer at Sling TV’s programming and subscription options.

Many Popular Cable TV Channels Found on Sling TV

A basic Sling TV subscription costs $20 per month, and you also get a 7-day free trial period to see if the service meets your viewing needs. It is generally easier to unsubscribe to streaming services compared to Cable and Satellite TV providers, so be sure to take advantage of any free trials coming your way. Sling TV typically offers free or discounted video players (Roku, Chromecast, etc.) for new subscribers, so check out those deals when subscribing.

For the $20 monthly fee, Sling TV provides over 20 channels covering a wide range of subjects — sports, food, news, and more. ESPN, CNN, HGTV, and the Travel Channel are some of the channels included with a basic package. HBO — both live and on demand — runs an extra $15 per month — the same price as an HBO Now subscription.

If your television viewing tastes are focused on a specific subject, a variety of add-on packages are available for an extra five dollars per month. A Sports Extra package includes the SEC Network, Universal Sports Network, a host of smaller ESPN networks, and others — nine in total. Other extra packages focus on kids, lifestyle, and a variety of foreign channels.

Sling TV tries to aim for the a la carte channel model desired for years by many Cable and Satellite subscribers.

Make Sure your Internet Bandwidth supports HD Video Streaming

Speed test to ensure your Internet service is able to handle streaming HD video from Sling TV without buffering or other problems. Anything over 5 Mbps should be good enough, provided no one else on your network is also consuming bandwidth. In that situation, consider investing in a Router review to optimize your home network performance.

If you are looking at streaming services to use with a video player, Sling TV definitely belongs on your short list. Be sure to take advantage of any special deals if you haven’t yet purchased a device.