Watching TV without cable or satellite keeps companies like Netflix and Hulu at the forefront of the media news. But what are you supposed to do when dealing with slow streaming TV? What are the best ways to improve the performance of live online videos? Here are a few simple steps to take to improve your online video streaming performance.


More Bandwidth Always Helps

The easiest way to improve your video streaming performance is to bump up your Internet service to a faster speed. Netflix recommends at least a 3.0 megabits per second (Mbps) Internet connection to watch videos at DVD-level quality; a 5.0 Mbps service is the minimum recommended speed for HD quality. Many Internet service providers offer speeds up to 100 Mbps, which makes sense if everyone in your family wants to stream different HD movies simultaneously.

In some cases, those extra-fast Internet connections might not be available, especially in rural regions. Thankfully, there are other ways to optimize streaming video performance.

Improve Video Streaming on the Computer

It may be stating the obvious, but make sure to close any unnecessary web browser instances and chat apps when suffering from slow streaming TV. These extra apps stress out system resources that are better allocated for video performance. Use your smartphone for in-program chatting and social activity.

There are also a variety of freeware software video acceleration apps that optimize video streaming. These types of programs tend to work better with major video streaming sites like YouTube.

If possible, use a wired connection instead of your WiFi router when streaming video. The wired connection tends to be faster, especially if you are streaming on a device located a good distance from your wireless router.

While some of the methods used to optimize video streaming rely on spending money — especially upgrading your Internet service — experimenting with software video acceleration apps might improve things without the cash outlay, and you should always run a speed test to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Internet service. No matter your choice, it is a relatively easy task to improve slow streaming TV performance.

Photo credit: Flickr/Wonderlane