Sprint LTE users stand to benefit from the carrier adding 70 new cities to its 4G network, but the company is still trying to catch up to Verizon Wireless and AT&T when it comes to high-speed mobile Internet coverage. In fact, Sprint comes in fourth place when comparing network speeds between the four leading US carriers. Company chairman Masayoshi Son vows to successfully compete with the two dominant mobile service providers, which should ultimately benefit Sprint users through a better network infrastructure and faster speeds.


Sprint Hoping to Buy T-Mobile to Compete With Verizon and AT&T

In the mobile Internet business, economies of scale reign supreme, so Son feels his best chance at competing with Verizon Wireless and AT&T is by acquiring leading American mobile telephone company T-Mobile. Son performed a similar feat in his native Japan when his company SoftBank purchased the Japanese mobile giant Vodafone Japan.

Sure, adding 70 new cities to the Sprint LTE network helps things somewhat, but Son feels the merged company would have the scale necessary to significantly improve Sprint’s network. In an interview with Re/code, Son expressed his feelings that the US Internet speeds are terrible in general — not just on mobile networks — and his potentially merged company can improve things.

Buttering Up US Federal Regulators

Sprint and T-Mobile haven’t agreed to merge in the first place, but Son is on a mission in the US to apparently convince regulators in the Obama administration that a potential merger between the two companies would be good for the American Internet industry. Recent news from Deutsche Telekom, the owner of T-Mobile, appears to hint that Son’s push for the merger hasn’t been totally successful in convincing regulators and that any merger is off for the time being.

That leaves Sprint users hoping the company continues to make incremental improvements to their 4G LTE network. These additional speed improvements should allow more customers to enjoy the benefits of a 4G wireless network.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons