Internet Speed for Facebook Chat: What’s Ideal?

Paul Williams

Facebook has become the go-to social platform used by young and old alike to stay in touch with family and

January 17, 2014

Adding Individual Channels to Sling TV

Paul Williams

A major reason for the cord-cutting trend involves customers being forced to pay for channels they rarely

June 29, 2018

Will Fiber-Optic Cable Help Google Solve the US’s Internet Speed Mediocrity?

Paul Williams

More fiber-optic cable has been laid in the US than in Europe in the past two years. This is good news for US

March 19, 2014

The Latest Net Neutrality Update and Judge’s Ruling

Paul Williams

We felt it’s time to provide a Net Neutrality update with an important judge ruling hitting the

October 18, 2019

Net Neutrality Repealed – Now What?

Paul Williams

As expected, the FCC repealed the Net Neutrality principles voted in by the Tom Wheeler-led

December 15, 2017