The PlayStation 4 and its need for more Bandwidth

Paul Williams

Many of you likely took advantage of the Black Friday sales to purchase a new PlayStation 4 video game

December 1, 2017

AT&T ramping up WiFi 5G Wireless Trials

Paul Williams

The race to bring 5G wireless service to consumers continues on an upwards trend. Previously, we told you

December 29, 2017

Google’s New Chromecast Ups the Ante for Cord Cutters

Paul Williams

With Cupertino upping the video streaming competition with their new Apple TV and its tvOS operating system

December 10, 2015

Optimum’s Policies on Data Caps and Bandwidth Throttling

Paul Williams

Optimum Online, an Altice network, is also known as Cablevision and offers mass market broadband

December 13, 2017