What is the best way to perform a Nexus speed test?

Google’s Nexus smartphone is popular with users looking for a “clean” Android experience, free of the bloatware typically installed on phones acquired from a wireless carrier. Still, a Nexus phone depends on overall network quality to enjoy the fastest possible wireless connection. Thankfully, it is possible to test your network speed without even installing an app from the Google Play store.


Running a Nexus Speed Test

To perform a network speed test on your Nexus smartphone, simply navigate your phone’s web browser to BandwidthPlace.com. This website hosts a simple bandwidth test that runs on all desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The test leverages HTML5 technology, providing an easy-to-use, interactive experience without having to download an app.

Once the website is loaded, simply select the closest server to your location and click on the “Start” button. The test performs both a download and a small file upload, allowing it to fully verify the speed of your wireless carrier’s network connection. The results are displayed on the screen.

It Is a Good Idea to Check Your Network Speed Multiple Times

Since it is so easy to use BandwidthPlace’s HTML5 network speed test, you should plan on testing your connection regularly, especially if you notice any slowness during peak usage times. Make it a point to take screen shots of your test results so you can compare the current test against previous results. Also, try out the different server locations provided for the speed test to see if you notice better results on one versus the other.

Considering the monthly price of a wireless network connection, you need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth from a carrier. Performing a regular speed test on a Google Nexus or any other smartphone or desktop computer needs to part of your internet routine.