Despite numerous scams out there, high-quality work-from-home positions do exist. Some companies offer their employees the chance to work at least part of the time from home, and some sales professionals operate out of a home office, albeit with significant travel requirements. But the key issue to keep in mind is that the best telecommuting jobs require top-notch Internet service that is consistently reliable.

Finding an excellent telecommuting position requires a bit of patience and a keen eye to recognize those jobs that are less than legitimate.


Flexjobs Is a Good Source for Telecommuting Work

Flexjobs is a website that serves as a clearinghouse for part-time and work-from-home positions. A wide array of jobs are available — everything from a software engineer to a customer service representative. There isn’t much freelance work available, and many of the posted positions only allow telecommuting part of the time.

A yearly membership fee is required to apply for a job, but it is possible to peruse the job ads without a paid account. It is worth checking out the site to get a feel for the types of telecommuting work that is currently available.

Medical Transcription: Another Worthy Option

Medical transcription is a legitimate telecommuting job option and one where a fast and secure Internet connection is a must. Some education is required, and a variety of online schools in the field also offer job placement services. While some hospitals and doctors offices are moving towards voice recognition technology for transcription, a human element is still required to perform QA on the reports.

Before starting a work-from-home job, setting up an office space as well as upgrading your computer and Internet service are important steps to ensure your work performance remains high-quality. Try to limit distractions so you are able to focus on getting your work done efficiently and accurately. The best telecommuting jobs require top-notch employees!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons