Netgear_N300_wireless_router_n01A WiFi router is a vital part of any home Internet setup, allowing all local computers, smartphones, tablets, and more to share an Internet connection and even communicate with each other. But which is the best WiFi router for home use? The winner may surprise you.

According to a PC Magazine take on the “10 Best Wireless Routers” and looking at the prices of all their Editors’ Choice winners (not counting the ZyXel Travel Router), it appears the best router is the Netgear N750 Wireless Dual Band Router. The Netgear unit is the only one of the Editors’ Choice routers suitable for home use that is priced under $100.

A Closer Look at the Netgear N750 – the best WiFi Router

The Netgear N750 brings a lot of value to the wireless router equation. PC Magazine praised the unit for its superior performance in the 5 GHz band. “Netgear’s N750 is a throughput thoroughbred in the 5 GHz band. Performance at the 2.4 GHz band is slightly above average with other top 2.4 GHz routers on the market. Advanced features and easy setup makes the N750 a router to easily recommend, despite anemic NAS capabilities,” said the magazine’s reviewer, Samara Lynn.

The N750 appears to be a perfect router for the price if you do a lot of media streaming over the Internet. It also seamlessly handles large file transfers. The device is easy to set up and configure, which normally can be a hassle for non-tech-savvy users.

The only real knock against the device is minimal support for NAS — which stands for network attached storage, a relatively new technology that allows all devices in a home network to share storage capabilities. PC Magazine also complained about the limited support for USB devices — only handling external storage drives.

Still, for those of you who do a lot of media streaming over the Internet and are looking for the best WiFi router for the task, the Netgear N750 looks to be a winner without burning a hole in your wallet (remember: without a robust internet connection your WiFi will always be subpar, check your performance regularly with an internet speed test).

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons