The Connected Home – Smart and Safe Solutions

Access to increased broadband speeds these days gives the “Connected” Home virtually unlimited capabilities. The Connected Home powers advanced applications on your phone, tablet and other wireless devices. The Connected Home also creates a more efficient, cost effective and all around smarter home. Just how smart? Consider the capabilities of controlling streaming media, alarm systems, heating and cooling, all from your TV screen! You can even see who’s ringing the front door bell without leaving the couch. And that’s just scratching the surface of the Connected Home.


Comforts and Conveniences of The Connected Home

  • Pause live TV in one room, continue watching in another.
  • Enjoy WiFi Hotspots throughout your house.
  • Download streaming media to your TV, laptop or tablet.
  • Boost cell phone signal strength in every room.
  • Optimize your Home Office.
  • Access voice mail and phone history on your TV screen.
  • Program your DVR from your smartphone and never miss another show.

 Security, Safety, Peace of Mind

  • With remote cameras you can monitor your house while on vacation.
  • See who’s ringing the front door bell from your television screen.
  • Not sure if you set the alarm? Check it from your smartphone. Set it on the go.
  • Control your heating and electricity from any wireless device.
  • Home is never farther away than the palm of your hand.

Learn More About Connecting Your Home

You don’t have to be a wizard to enjoy all the conveniences of the Connected Home. Test Your Speed to see where your home connection stands and Get More Speed if necessary. High-speed broadband is now more widely available at competitive pricing, giving the Connected Home limitless options to the applications that power our everyday lives. The more you optimize your speed the more you can enjoy the benefits of the Connected Home. It’s easier than clicking your heels. There really is no place like home — especially when it’s connected.