Given the dominance of Samsung when it comes to Android smartphones, it’s hard for any other manufacturers to stand out. There’s no denying that Samsung and the iPhone are the preeminent mobile devices on their respective platforms. But the latest iteration of HTC’s smartphone line — the HTC 10 — is earning accolades for its innovation, especially from music fans.

HTC 10

Most surprisingly, the HTC 10 supports Apple’s AirPlay standard for the wireless streaming of rich media at your home. This is a first for an Android smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of its other features to see if this is a smartphone worthy of your wish list.

“The Ideal Phone for Music Lovers”

The HTC 10 offers many intriguing features aimed at attracting consumers away from their iPhones and other Android smartphones. The support for Apple’s AirPlay definitely intrigues for Apple fans less than thrilled with recent models in the iPhone line. They are now able to stream content from their Apple TV box over AirPlay with nary an issue. Performing a quick speed test before streaming video always makes sense.

Support for high-end audio also brings the potential to win the HTC 10 new consumers. This smartphone is able to record 4K video along with simultaneous 24-bit audio, something that may attract musicians looking to record gigs or in-studio performances, in addition to regular users hoping to capture their favorite band’s live set.

The built-in speaker sports both a tweeter and woofer, and the headphone amp and included earbuds are all audiophile quality. These high-end audio features all lead to PC Magazine’s hands-on review calling the HTC 10, “the ideal phone for music lovers.” AirPlay support means Apple-certified wireless speakers are also compatible with the smartphone.

Other HTC 10 Features

Like most modern high-end smartphones, the HTC 10 is a well-powered device. The 5.3-inch touchscreen is capable of resolutions up to 2560 x 1440 and 4K video support as previously noted. The HTC’s 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor also runs Samsung’s top of the line S7 smartphone. 4GB of RAM enhances the HTC 10’s performance.

A fingerprint scanner, USB-C jack, and two high-end cameras — including a 5 megapixel one for taking “selfies” — round out the feature set. Ultimately, its audio capabilities are what sets the HTC 10 apart from other smartphones with the first ever Android support for Apple AirPlay.

If you are an audio fan looking for a state of the art smartphone, the HTC 10 is a strong call. The same rule applies for those with an investment in Apple accessories, but wanting a change from the iPhone. Expect the smartphone to become available from your favorite wireless career later in April.