The new NBC Peacock streaming service hits the “airwaves” in a few months. Obviously, comparisons with CBS All Access are relevant, being two OTT services focused on broadcast network content. Will Fox, ABC, and The CW someday follow suit?

One major differentiator between Peacock and All Access is NBC’s tiered pricing model, including a free tier. It provides cordcutters with a unique option in the industry. Perhaps other OTT services provide a similar tier?

NBC Peacock Logo

The Peacock logo, copyright NBC Universal.

What follows is our analysis of NBC Peacock. Is it the right choice for your household? Additionally, check out our recent profile of CBS All Access for more details on that service.

Pricing and Programming Details on NBC Peacock

As noted above, Peacock’s pricing model includes a free option for subscribers. NBC Universal’s desire is to attract customers with the free option, hoping they spring for one of the paid tiers. Frankly, it’s a time-honored business model likely to be effective for the fledgling service.

Peacock’s free plan offers hours of programming, albeit ad-supported – just like over the air TV. Users can upgrade to an ad-supported premium tier with even more content for $4.99 per month. A fully ad-free option is also available for a $9.99 monthly fee.

Of course, expect a full range of content from the NBC Universal family of channels, spanning news, sports, and entertainment. Sports fans enjoy access to extra coverage of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Ryder Cup, and Premier League. One notable perk is the daily live broadcast of The Tonight Show and Late Night at 8PM Eastern. Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers fans rejoice!

Original programming is also planned for Peacock. This includes a third version of Battlestar Galactica, which is something of interest to sci-fi fans. NBC also removed the rights to some of its classic programs from competing services. So expect The Office, Cheers, and Parks and Recreation to be available.

When Does Peacock Launch?

NBC Peacock goes online on April 15 – for subscribers of cable or broadband from Comcast Xfinity. The rest of the country gets access to Peacock on July 15. Xfinity subscribers also get the ad-supported premium tier for free.

Details on what content is available for free compared to the premium tiers are still vague. However, the Premier League soccer and extra sports content won’t be available for free. This makes sense as NBC Sports Gold, NBCU’s premium sports service, isn’t going away.

How Much Internet Speed do I Need For NBC Peacock?

Remember you need at least 5 Mbps of Internet speed to stream HD video content. When more than one device accesses your home network, that requirement increases. If 4K material becomes available on Peacock, 25 Mbps of Internet speed is required.

As always, be sure to perform regular speed tests to ensure your bandwidth is up to snuff. Our service is the most accurate in the industry, plus we store your test history. That history is valuable if your ISP isn’t keeping their promised service level.

Expect more details on Peacock as it gets closer to launch. The difference in content between the premium and free tiers is likely of interest to most potential subscribers.