Sony appears to have won the early battle with Microsoft over the next generation video game system market, if the feedback from June’s E3 conference is any indication. The new PlayStation 4 console doesn’t need to connect to the internet once a day to work; used games are playable on the PS4 and the initial price is $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One.


The PlayStation 4 Aims for the Gamer’s Heart

The gaming community is relieved after Sony’s initial E3 announcement. Microsoft had garnered a lot of flack for requiring their Xbox One to connect to the internet once a day to actually operate, let alone coming up with a convoluted game licensing scheme that effectively kills the used game market for the new Xbox. Sony actually teased Microsoft about their new policies during their E3 presentation and the feedback from the hardcore gaming community is fully in Sony’s corner.

In addition to allowing used games and not requiring an internet connection, the new PlayStation 4 console comes powered by the latest generation of high-end graphics functionality. Additionally, Sony is arming the PS4 with an Intel x86 chipset, which should make the game development process simpler for software engineers. One drawback of the Intel processor is that the PS4 won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games on disc or from the PlayStation network.

The PS4 Retails for $399

When released, the PlayStation 4 will retail for $399, beating Xbox One’s $499 price. In addition to the upwards of 50 games available at launch, the PS4 will include the full array of downloadable games, movies and music currently available on the PS3 and the handheld PSvita. Sony is also introducing streaming game content (make sure you have solid bandwidth for this feature with an internet speed test), which is a nice way to leverage an internet connection without requiring it for the overall console gameplay.

A new version of the Eye motion controller will be available for the PS4, and the new DualShock 4 controller adds a touchpad to Sony’s standard PlayStation controller layout. Interested gamers can expect the PlayStation 4 to hit stores in time for the holidays.