In the past, choosing a tablet from Apple to fit your needs was fairly easy. You simply chose between the iPad or iPad Mini and left the decision at that. But with the recent introduction of the iPad Air, Apple has introduced a significant competitor to the hit iPad Mini, which also was recently updated to have a Retina display. Making an iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air comparison is now complicated by the fact these tablets have the same processor, camera, graphics chip, and battery life make choosing between the tablets more difficult than ever. Fortunately, Mashable has an infographic designed to make your purchasing decision a bit simpler.


Cost Shouldn’t Be the Biggest Factor

Although you might think that going with a smaller screen will save you a bit of money, the latest generations of the iPad line are unique in that the price difference between the iPad Mini and iPad Air is a mere $100. For some, that might be enough to justify getting a smaller screen; however, for others it is important to base their iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air comparison on how the tablet will be used rather than price alone in determining which option is a better fit. This is a critical point since today’s tablets are designed to perform most tasks consumers used to do on traditional computers.

The Biggest Consideration

Determining which of the two devices is best for you lies in four key questions:

  • Do you prefer a small device?
  • Are you an avid ebook reader?
  • Will you be carrying around a laptop along with the tablet, or are you exclusively planning to use the tablet for most on-the-go activities?
  • Do you primarily browse the web versus typing heavily?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the smaller screen size of the iPad Mini Retina is the best option for you. On the other hand, the larger screen size of the iPad Air is more beneficial for multimedia streaming, reading magazines, typing, and just general computing, since those activities often are better on a larger screen. With this guide in mind, you will be able to determine which iPad best suits your needs.

Image source: Flickr