If a company makes software, chances are they use proprietary application programming interfaces (APIs). The rise of mobile apps and open-source development, however, has led many major players to release their APIs for comment or full use. Here are three of the most interesting new APIs on the market.


1. Office 365

Microsoft has now made a preview of its Office 365 APIs available to developers, meaning that apps can be designed to integrate with popular 365 services such as access to e-mail, calendars, files, and contact information. To use the APIs, developers must follow the steps listed on Microsoft’s official blog post and also register their app with the Windows Azure Active Directory. Because this is a preview API, devs won’t be able to alter any commands or change the code structure, but Microsoft says the final version of the API will be based in part on developer feedback. Still, the reach of Office 365 is substantial, meaning this is a must-have if you’re looking to integrate any Microsoft productivity services.

2. OneNote Cloud API

OneNote has earned a devoted following of note-takers and is now free on almost any platform: While it started on Windows Phone, it’s also available on Windows desktops, Mac computers, iDevices, Androids, and via Web browsers. Microsoft has decided to roll out new APIs for OneNote, allowing developers to link their apps to OneNote in creative and unique ways. Among the API highlights are a dedicated e-mail address for sending notes to a OneNote notebook, easy document scanning, and Livescribe support, which lets you write notes with pen and paper and then send them to OneNote on any device. In addition, Microsoft is launching a browser extension that will let users save Web pages in OneNote.

3. Vimeo Unified API

Video service Vimeo released its first API in 2007 and went on to develop two versions: Simple and Advanced. Simple was true to its name — easy to use but without the ability to make authenticated calls. Advanced came with a host of features but was complicated for even seasoned developers to use. Now, Vimeo is launching its new unified API, which features OAuth 2 support and allows developers to provide client site uploads directly to Vimeo, in addition to a simple HTML form uploader. The new API is in open beta and is largely based around representational state transfer (REST) best practices, helping to keep it simple and straightforward.

Looking for new APIs for a new app or to improve the reach of an existing product? Office 365, OneNote, and Vimeo all offer substantial benefits.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons